Thursday, March 11, 2010

History of the Blues Harmonica Concert 2xCD Set!

Imagine a concert where you could experience blues harmonica playing and it's most important players from its earliest recorded inception all the way up to today's innovative harp blowers... the History of the Blues Harmonica Concert did just that!

Joe Filisko starts the evening performing for and educating the audience about Pre-War and Country Blues Harmonica.

Performance includes:
- Train Imitation Medley
- 1st Position Medley
- Lost John/Fox Chase Medley (Deford Bailey)
- Sonny Terry Medley
- Mean Low Blues (Blues Birdhead)
- Stove Pipe Blues (Daddy Stovepipe)
- Sugar Mama Blues (John Lee Williamson)
- Bye Bye Bird (Rice Miller)

David Barrett then performs the Post-War era of blues harmonica, again speaking about the importance of each player and the historical importance of each song.

Performance includes:
- Evan's Shuffle (Little Walter)
- Blue Light (Little Walter, by Joe Filisko)
- Roller Coaster (Little Walter)
- Just Whaling (Louis Myers)
- Easy (Big Walter Horton)
- Walter's Boogie (Little Walter)
- Sharp Harp (George Harmonica Smith)
- Steady (Jerry McCain)
- Chitlin Con Carne (Junior Wells)
- Juicy Harmonica (George Harmonica Smith)
- Matchstick (David Barrett)

Paul Butterfield expert Kinya Pollard performs a tribute to Paul Butterfield. Performance includes:
- Everything's Gonna Be Alright
- Work Song

Dennis Gruenling finishes the evening, symbolizing the future of blues harmonica. Performance includes:
- Flying Home
- Bluesmith (Tribute to George Harmonica Smith)
- House Party

Special Guests: Michael Peloquin (Sax), John Garcia (Gtr/Voc), Rusty Zinn (Gtr), Steve Czarnecki (Organ and Piano), Frank De Rose (Bass) and Kevin Coggins (Drums)

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