Saturday, March 6, 2010

Joe Bonamassa?s Supergroup Needs New Name

Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian have been forced to seek out a new name for their supergroup after another band claimed the rights to the original option, Black Country.

“There is a band already called Black Country and their legal representatives have already reminded us of that fact,” Bonamassa said in an interview with Undercover.

The quartet of veteran musicians, which is currently wrapping up work on its debut even as Bonamassa prepares to release his tenth full-length solo album, is still in negotiations for the band name.

The 32-year-old blues guitarist told Undercover it wasn’t meant to go public in the first place. “It got leaked inadvertently and it has spread like wildfire. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, it just got leaked. Somebody overheard a conversation. The definition of overhearing a conversation is putting it online and acting as if it’s fact.”

Whatever the band ends up calling itself, rock fans will most likely be pleased with the outcome based on credentials alone. Bassist Hughes has played with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, drummer Bonham’s resume includes stints with Led Zeppelin and Foreigner, and keyboardist Sherinian has worked with Dream Theater and Billy Idol.

"Glenn and I have been talking about doing something together,” Bonamassa told Dinosaur Rock Guitar. “What I didn't want it to be was some half-hearted Bona-Hughes weekend blues record, you know. If we're gonna do this let's do it right and start a band. Producer Kevin Shirley got involved. He was like, 'Call Jason and see if he's interested.' We didn't want to do a power-trio because it's been done before and we didn't want people to think we were some Cream sort of thing. So let's get a keyboard player. So we got Sherinian and he's fantastic. The whole thing really worked from start to finish.”

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