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Motor City Special Announces Label Launch Concert & Recording Party

Detroit's newest record label Motorcity Special announces Label Launch Concert at Jazz Cafe Music Hall of the Performing Arts on Saturday May 8th 2010

A Joint Promotional Production by Product of Detroit and MOTORCITYBLOG features unique Detroit musical acts recorded live for pressing to limited edition vinyl.


There are a lot of Detroit record labels, new and old but none are booking diverse Detroit lineups and recording them live at rotating Metro Detroit venues for release on limited edition vinyl records - manufactured at Archer record pressing, Detroit, Michigan.

Motorcity Special is not signing artists or retaining rights to any of the original music.

The Motorcity Special Label Launch Concert will kick off a series of events produced by MCS to continue what the founders of the label have been doing in their previous respective efforts: Promotion of the diverse local Detroit musical talent and highlight the vast array of music venues in the motorcity.

Motorcity Special Label Launch Concert
Saturday May 8th 2010 7pm - 2am

Jazz Cafe at Music Hall of the Performing Arts

350 Madison St Detroit MI 48226

Telephone: (313) 887 8501


Confirmed Musical Lineup

The Wrong Numbers


Electric Fire Babies

Canja Rave


DJ Savage Matt

$10 at the door. 21+


Product of Detroit
Bastone Brewery

There are a lot of Detroit record labels, new and old but none are booking diverse Detroit lineups and recording them live at rotating Metro Detroit venues for release on limited edition vinyl records - manufactured at Archer record pressing, Detroit, Michigan.

Motorcity Special is not signing artists or retaining rights to any of the original music.

The Motorcity Special Label Launch Concert kicks off a series of events produced by MCS to continue what the founders of the label have been doing in their previous respective efforts:

Promotion of the diverse local Detroit musical talent and highlight the vast array of music venues in the motorcity.

Kevin Pachla founded Product of Detroit in 2008 owner/operator of Label Network producing promotional materials for local and national clients.

MOTORCITYBLOG just recently celebrated 5 years of documenting Detroit by their 30 contributors and nearly 6000 blog posts of Detroit music and culture

Joining forces to form Motorcity Special, the founders would like local musical acts and venues to consider this joint venture as a premium marketing tool.

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Jazz Veteran Alfonzo Blackwell Honors Legend Icons John Coltrane & Michael Jackson

Alfonzo Blackwell is in the studio working on his 8th CD on Utopia Records “Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell”

New York, NY (USA) – Saxman/Songwriter/Producer, Alfonzo Blackwell is busy, busy, busy working hard in the studio on his 8th CD project on Utopia Records. His current release “Dance To This” brought listeners to the dance floor and his approach for his next project is to bring listeners the sophistication, style, class and fire that comes from the freedom that has embodied his music for 15 years now. The multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire reclines in his black leather console chair in his state-of-the-art digital recording studio and takes a brief moment to reflect on his studio recording process. Alfonzo says, “I’m working day in and day out to capture all parts of me, all parts of my essence and all parts of my soul. It’s almost like a 24/7 music reality show…me in the studio. I’m living in my studio now.” So far, Alfonzo has already recorded an astounding thirty-one tracks and has no intensions on slowing down or putting a cap on that total. The consummate musician goes on to say, “I’m looking to write, produce and record at least one hundred tracks for this album to select from. This is the first concept album for me and it’s a portrait of me as an artist, entertainer and musician. It’s important for me to put forth the best original work of my career and each track must be right.” Most noteworthy is Alfonzo’s traditional standard rendition of the late great John Coltrane’s “Impressions”, which is very impressive! Another very noteworthy and highly anticipated track is Alfonzo’s tribute to the late great and inarguably, the best entertainer in the history of mankind, The King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The impressive “Impressions” is a very progressive take on the John Coltrane classic jazz standard. Mr. Blackwell plays the all the live instruments on this piece and in addition to that, he also arranged, produced, engineered and mixed the groundbreaking track as well. It takes soul and masterful improvisation to pull this off with a bundle of God given gifts of talent. “When you give your complete heart and soul to your music, the rest is already written. It’s a spiritual thing so I let the music drive my ambition, at that point.” Alfonzo states in response to the acknowledged complexity of taking on this musical odyssey. “Coltrane’s spiritual and musical tour de force will always live inside of me and inspire future generations to come. His legacy will remain strong and vital. His raw genius is truly one of a kind. Coltrane is JAZZ.”

The epic, "MJ" is an original heart-wrenching tribute song and power-ballad that Alfonzo penned in the wake of the unfortunate and untimely death of music legend and icon, Michael Jackson. This song is a flawless performance that will leave the listener wanting more. A part of MJ was channeled in the making of this brilliant piece. Alfonzo says, "Michael Jackson used his voice in so many ways as an instrument like that of a saxophone, bass, guitar and even a percussion drum when the music called him to do so. He had the unmatched ability to pull from his plentiful vocal range to capture sounds that brought out the many emotions of the human soul across the entire world whether you spoke the English language or any foreign language for that matter. The language of music communicates through the hearts of all of us. I had to pay tribute to his gift of music. His genius was a major music influence to me, thus his music is a part of my musical development." Blackwell takes an instrumental approach to capture the sounds of the human voice that is reverent to Miles Davis’ approach to the legend’s “Human Nature” classic masterpiece.

Jazz Maverick Alfonzo Blackwell’s 8th CD project is appropriately titled, “Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell”. He displays the many gifts of his musical genius while ushering a new era of jazz excellence with his new project in the works. Alfonzo is not only a superb saxophonist…mastering the alto, soprano and tenor saxophones; he is an accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist and drummer. He is not only prolific on these 5 instruments; hence the CD title “Quintet…” he is a seasoned songwriter and producer. He is also a bebop jazz master performer and on the flip side, a soulful R&B instrumental entertainer. His live performances are infamous with fusing contemporary jazz, funk, classic soul, R&B, hip-hop, pop and burning traditional straight-ahead jazz. Put all of the many sides of Alfonzo Blackwell, the Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Performer and Entertainer and you are witnessing and listening to history in the making with this ground-breaking project (Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell). The pioneer of the 21st century modern contemporary jazz renaissance, Alfonzo Blackwell introduces the “Re-rebirth of Cool” with a soulful twist of rhythm. Mr. Blackwell’s main influences are John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Grover Washington Jr. and Michael Jackson.

“This is a concept project that must embody my entire body of soul. Music, notes, chord progressions and melodies are organically flowing through me throughout this process and I must capture it all and then go back and decipher the final song picks for the album.” he says about the huge undertaking of writing, performing and executive producing this new project. The album is scheduled for release in mid 2010. Utopia Records is celebrating Alfonzo’s fifteenth year in the recording industry this year and Mr. Blackwell has much to be grateful for. His new project will be the 4th CD recorded on his founded label, Utopia Records. Mr. Blackwell says, “It’s humbling to look back on all the many years that I’ve been recording, writing, producing, performing and delivering my brand of music. I played with just about all the best of the best in the business and traveled over the world with my music. My music is my passion and I will continue to evolve with it and always keep it fresh, new, exciting and hot!”

Listening to a few pre-selected tracks that were graciously revealed would undoubtedly be the highlight of all music listeners’ pleasures. There’s a certain purity and haunting beauty that gives off a sense of vulnerability which breaks through all of the complexities of Mr. Blackwell’s progressive music. “This project is the concept album that I’ve waited a long time to do. It is finally the right time for me to embark on this musical path…” Alfonzo explains with a focused but free spirited tone. The rhythm sections in every tune come out in full force from the heart and soul of this electrifying musical virtuoso. All of the instrumentation showcased on each track resonates as the sleek and sophistication evolution of the founder of ‘Rhythm & Cool’. When asked what his inspiration for this project is, Alfonzo leans over the side of his chair and says, “Simply, the love of music is all the inspiration that I need to create but this project is especially dear to me because I finally get a chance to pull from every instrument that I play and give a ‘live concert’ performance approach inside of each and every groove.”

Throughout his career, Alfonzo Blackwell has worked with and developed great relationships with many leaders and experts in the music and entertainment world. Grammy winner and music legend James Mtume stated, “The truth needs to be told, just as this CD is needed to be heard” about his previous released, “Sax You Down” album. Alfonzo was featured playing the theme song at the end of each episode alongside of David Hasselhoff for the Baywatch Nights TV Series which was also featured on his self-titled sophomore project. In between tapings, David Hasselhoff requested to hear Alfonzo play accapella on the set. Hasselhoff said, "There's so much sweet soul coming out of your horn, you can really play that thing..." Alfonzo has been counseled by legendary Business Manager, Bert Padell and Entertainment Attorney L. Londell McMillan who among many others have praised Alfonzo’s artistry to name a few.

Alfonzo Blackwell is sure to please with writing, performing and producing the instant-classic and soulful soundtrack for the new decade 2010 that’s here upon us now. Which cuts will make it on the final pressed CD? You can rest assure that the final selected tracks will be jam-packed, new modern contemporary soul from Alfonzo Blackwell’s heart to all the hearts around the world. “Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell” will be an artistic and beautiful portrait of a music renaissance man and a jazz master. “In the near future, I plan to resume my work on a full tribute album to Michael Jackson and his musical genius that I started 2 years ago, prior to his devastating passing. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. His music will live on forever. John Coltrane’s genius and music has always been in my musical path of study and homage. I plan to continue paying tribute to his work on future projects. A traditional jazz standards project is also in the works.” Alfonzo says respectfully of two of his greatest musical influences, Jackson and Coltrane.

Alfonzo Blackwell Discography

“Quintet: Portrait of Alfonzo Blackwell” (2010)

“Dance To This” (2008)

“Sax You Down” (2004)

“Reflections” (2001)

“The Time Is Now” (2000)

“Body of Soul” (1998)

“Alfonzo Blackwell” (1996)

“Let’s Imagine” (1995)

For more information, music, videos, and the latest news on Alfonzo Blackwell, please visit the following websites.

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?South Rock? Book Condensed for Easy Reading Online by Kiki Lee

[caption id="attachment_2133" align="aligncenter" width="355" caption="Dick Wooley With Gold Record"][/caption]

Forward ~ The beginning of a new career in Rock and Roll.

Chapter 1 ~ After launching several Indy label hits in 1967 Atlantic Records recruited Dick Wooley to head their record promotion in the Southeast and Midwest. Dick helped Atlantic launch several legendary Rhythm & Blues and Rock artists, many who are now inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Chapter 2 ~ The adventure.

Chapter 3 ~ Working with Atlantic Records distributed Capricorn Productions Dick was recruited Vice President of Promotions when it debuted as Capricorn Records in 1972 with Warner Brothers. Dick promoted several artists at Capricorn into a tidal wave of hit records that coined the term "Southern Rock".

Chapter 4 ~ In 1976 leaving Capricorn at the top of the charts, Dick partnered with Atlantic Records and started Dick Wooley Associates, together they launched the Indy label Rabbit Records. Rabbit launched several new artists onto the national charts and Dick Wooley Associates launched other label’s new artists into gold and platinum sales. In 1981, Dick decided to move to the beach and retire from the music business.

Chapter 5 ~ In 2004 After successfully developing several condominium communities at the beach and at seven universities Dick was inspired to return to music and opened Internet based King Mojo Records to showcase emerging artists in contemporary Blues and Rock.


Israeli Guitarist Yotam Fronts All-Star Lineup on JLP Debut, Resonance

May 4 Release Features Christian McBride
Aaron Goldberg, Greg Hutchinson
and Special Guest Roy Hargrove

Resonance Yotam

On Resonance, his debut for Jazz Legacy Productions, accomplished Israeli guitarist-composer Yotam (full name Yotam Silberstein) has one foot firmly planted in his bebop roots while also showcasing his love of Brazilian music, American blues, Jamaican reggae and Israeli folk songs. Tying this highly eclectic program together is Yotam's exceptional, rhythmically assured six-string work, which is marked by his inviting warm tones, clear articulation and penchant for free flowing improvisation. The New York-based guitarist is joined on this potent offering by the stellar rhythm section of Christian McBride on bass, Aaron Goldberg on piano and Greg Hutchinson on drums. Special guest trumpeter Roy Hargrove also appears on faithful recreations of Clifford Brown's "Daahoud" and Joe Henderson's "Mamacita."

"Aaron, Christian, Greg and Roy, in my opinion, are a few of the giants of their generation," says Yotam. "I was very honored to have them on the record. We have have forged a special chemistry together. And I think you can hear that on the album."

His strongest, most expressive and fully realized outing to date, Yotam's third recording as a leader stands as a notch above his previous two outings, 2004's The Arrival(recorded when he was still living in Jerusalem) and 2009's Next Page, a solid organ quartet date featuring Sam Yahel, Willie Jones III and Chris Cheek.

From pure bop numbers like Dizzy Gillespie-John Lewis vehicle "Two Bass Hit" and the Clifford Brown staple "Daahoud" to Brazilian flavored originals like "McDavid" and "Bye Y'all" to the angular, Monkish "Blewz" and the lyrical gem "Fresh Love Song," Yotam and company cover a wide range of musical styles on Resonance. Hutchinson provides the authentic reggae one-drop feel on the Monty Alexander original "Renewal" while McBride contributes some stirring counterpoint on Yotam's darkly beautiful, chamber-like number "Merav," which he named for his girlfriend and dedicates to two significant compositional influences in Benny Golson and Clare Fischer.

Yotam and his all-star crew come out of the gate swinging hard with a supercharged rendition of Dizzy's bop anthem "Two Bass Hit." Right away, the guitarist showcases his superb facility, flowing over the changes while slyly dropping in quotes from Dizzy's "Manteca" and "Ooo-Bop-Sha-Bam" in the middle of his impressive solo. The whole band provides crisp execution and great drive throughout and everybody gets a solo taste here, including an outstanding bowed bass solo from McBride and a furious traversing of the kit by Hutchinson.

While Yotam does have an affinity for swinging full-bore in the bop and post-bop idioms, he is quick to point out that there are other aspects to his musical makeup that he wanted to address on Resonance. "I love playing bebop but I wouldn't say that is where I come from," he says. "When I was in high school I used to study a lot of bebop tunes. For three or four years I would only listen to bebop, but I'm not this way anymore. Nevertheless, it let its mark on me. And in the same way that I studied to become a bebop player, I became a Brazilian music fanatic for the last three or four years. I'm playing gigs with Brazilian cats now. I guess that's the best way to learn."

"McDavid" is a vibrant bossa nova number that has Yotam supplying some authentic Brazilian styled comping and also features another killer solo from McBride. "This is probably one of my only happy tunes," says Yotam. "Most of the tunes I write tend to be kind of sad. So I fooled everybody on this one."

The mysterious sounding minor key ballad "Merav" is a delicately beautiful number that has Hutchinson playing coloristically on the kit and also features Yotam nonchalantly double-timing the tempo on his outstanding solo. A brisk run through the bop staple "Daahoud" showcases Hargrove's brilliant trumpet playing while Yotam supplies some Wes Montgomery styled octave work on "Renewal," written by another of Yotam's mentors. "For the last year or so I'm very fortunate to have been working in Monty Alexander's band," he explains. "He's a great influence. I kind of fell in love with this piece of his and decided that I wanted to play it on this album."

"The Most Beautiful Girl" is a romantic ballad underscored by Hutchinson's gentle brushwork. Yotam and Goldberg turn in particularly lyrical solos here. The guitarist explains that the tune is one he remembers from his childhood. "That's an Israeli childrens song that I grew up on and that I really like to play on gigs. So it's a song from my past that I've embraced more recently. I think I was really amazing to bring that piece from my childhood in Israel to the session and let those guys play it and see what happened. And I like the results."

From that sensitive number, Yotam and crew launch into the aggressively angular "Bye Y'all," whose title has a double meaning. As Yotam explains, "This song has a north Brazilian rhythm from Bahia called baiao, so it's a kind of play on words that way. Thelonious Monk, whose playing was a kind of influence on this tune, also has a piece entitled 'Bye Ya.' So it's also a play on words there." The urgent "Blewz" opens with a tricky, Monk-ish head featuring some tight unisons between Yotam and pianist Goldberg. The piece resolves to a 12-bar form that has Yotam blowing with the audacious facility of a Pat Martino, another huge influence during his development as a player.

The minor key lament "Fresh Love Song," Yotam's interpretation of an Israeli pop tune from the '70s by Shlomo Gronich, has him doubling throughout on an exotic-sounding stringed instrument. As he explains, "It's a fretless, 11-string instrument and it sounds like the Arabic oud, so I call it the 'goud.'" Yotam adds, "It's a tune I love and I think I kind of took it to another place. I just hope the guy who wrote it is going to be happy with the way it came out here."

Yotam's take on the Joe Henderson classic "Mamacita" (from the 1967 Milestone album, The Kicker) gives everyone in the band, including special guest Hargrove, a chance to stretch out on solos. And the album closes on an introspective note with the chamber-like meditation "Kineret," which has Yotam providing some Djangoesque filigrees along the way. "It's the Hebrew name for the Sea of Galilee," he explains. "It's a very peaceful sounding number that kind of reminds me of the Sea of Galilee. And it's really dedicated to the Brazilian composer Chico Buarque.

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Yotam started playing guitar at the age of 10, focusing mostly on rock and blues. He was soon after accepted into the prestigious Alon High School for the Arts, where he studied jazz with such great teachers as Walter Blanding and Amit Golan. During his high school years, Yotam won many local competitions and was heralded as a very promising young guitarist. At age 18, he joined the IDF (Israel's Army) and served as a musical director, arranger and lead guitarist for three years. During his military service he gained recognition and began playing with many of Israel's top jazz musicians.

At 21, Yotam won the prestigious "Israeli Jazz Player of the Year" competition with his trio and was asked to perform at Italy's renowned Umbria Jazz Festival. The same year, Yotam released The Arrival on the Fresh Sound New Talent label. The success of his highly acclaimed debut album enabled him to tour extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In August of 2005, Yotam received a scholarship to further his jazz studies at the New School in New York City. Less than a month later, he was selected as one of 10 top guitar players to participate in the semi finals of the distinguished 2005 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Guitar Competition. In 2009, in addition to releasing his second release, he toured with the Sam Yahel Trio, opening for Steely Dan in major concert halls.

Since then he has played in many of the city's great venues with great jazz artists like James Moody, Benny Golson, Curtis Fuller, Louis Hayes, Jimmy Heath, Frank Wess, Junior Mance, James Spaulding, Pat Martino, Antonio Hart, Slide Hampton and Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Stars to name a few.

At age 28, Yotam has already made some significant inroads on the New York jazz scene. He shows great promise for the future, and Resonance is a huge step in the right direction.

Yotam · Resonance
Release Date: May 4, 2010

For additional information on Jazz Legacy Productions, please visit:

To request a copy of Resonance for review purposes, please contact:

DL Media· 610-667-0501
Jordy Freed ·

Rocky Jackson ~ Testify! Street Date: April 20, 2010 High Life Records Distributed by CD Baby

Though a proud son of the Lone Star state that has produced an extraordinary number of blazing guitar slingers, Rocky Jackson goes to the heart of the blues where the seductive groove and emotional expression meet like "the Southern crossing the dog." On his new album, Testify!, he digs into the deep mojo of the southwest as well as Chicago and the Delta, and the result is a rare treat for the body and soul. Of course, "T" for Texas also stands for "tone" and Jackson has it pouring out of his guitar like boiling molasses.

Ernest W. "Rocky" Jackson III was born May 29, 1947 in Austin, Texas. Completely self-taught, he started playing bottleneck and lap steel in the sixties after seeing Hound Dog Taylor perform. Surprisingly, a move to LA in the seventies allowed him the chance to play more straight-ahead blues on the active Southern California scene. From 1980-88 he was a member of the Magic Blues Band that backed many blues luminaries, including George "Harmonica" Smith, Paul Butterfield and Coco Montoya. He cut Blue Streak as a trio followed by Squeeze Here in 2006.

He opens his 13-song set of covers and originals with a dark version of Muddy Waters’ "I Just Want to Make Love to You," making it a hypnotic incantation of raw carnality inflamed by his stinging lead licks. His original "Big Legs Don’t Mean Fat" follows with a jaunty shuffle and wry lyric content that declaims, "Those fine long legs, man, is where it’s at." "Voodoo Spell" gets all funky with a spooky guitar/bass unison lick contributed by guest bassist Hank Van Sickle that is driven forward by the fatback drumming of Eliot Witherspoon. Visiting primary roots, Jackson offers his creative take on the Robert Johnson classic "Stop Breakin’ Down." With harmonicist Michael Fell filling and soloing on his "Mississippi saxophone," Jackson sings with controlled passion that perfectly complements his razor sharp slide accompaniment.

A pilgrimage to the West Side of Chicago produces the minor key "Like Magic" that pays homage to Magic Sam. A musical spell is cast on the saucy, slow blues instrumental with Fell’s warbling harp and Jackson’s rhythm guitar before the leader opens up with a solo of uncompromising lyricism. "I Wanna Testify (About My Baby)" shuffles in with a swinging, finger-snapping bounce given buoyancy by bassist Joel T. Johnson as Jackson extols the virtues of his woman. As opposed to many of his contemporaries, he sings the blues with unforced authenticity that is totally convincing. John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson’s "Early in the Morning" finds Jackson and Fell dueting like a modern day Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. Powered by a churning bass string riff, the tune subtly rocks as it sets a flexible foundation from which Jackson soars and Fell explores the upper range of his harmonica. Without breaking stride the band transitions smoothly into the epic, heavyweight slow blues of "Shoulda Never Left Texas" featuring an extended, smoldering intro and two devastating solos from Jackson. The centerpiece of the disk and a vocal and instrumental showcase, it is a jaw-dropper that will have aspiring blues guitarists scurrying to the woodshed. Jackson’s voice drips with world-weary resignation as he defiantly responds to his "blues" by screaming and crying through his axe.

"Chicken-Legged Woman" is a dynamic change of pace as Jackson overdubs two acoustic guitar parts, strutting his Dobro slide chops with unquestioned authority. Jimmy Reed’s obscure tribute to Sonny Boy Williamson, "Don’t Say Nothin’," has the band locking into the chugging boogie shuffle rhythm with conviction and power. Jackson then strikes a potent electric country blues stance on his "In the Doghouse Now" with appropriate imagery intensified by his guitar doubling the vocal hook. Keeping his set percolating "down in the alley," he next proffers a dead on, greasy version of Waters’ classic "Long Distance Call" with nasty, snaky slide and a raw, shimmering harp solo from Fell. Apropos of a record that tells it like it is, the closing track, "LA to Austin" spins an autobiographical story that is both literal and symbolic of Jackson’s return to his home state. Musically it is also his tribute to Hound Dog Taylor as he rips and runs on the electric slide with lusty abandon.

B.B. King once said, "The blues are simple, anyone can play them, but would you want to hear anyone play them?" It should be added that it is not simple to come up with a recognizable signature sound and delivery, but Rocky Jackson is well on his way. Anyone who has caught his explosive live show or hears this record will certainly "testify" to that fact.

Dave Rubin, Staff Writer Guitar Edge Magazine

The Terrell Stafford Quartet ON TOUR

"One of the great players of our time, a fabulous trumpet player."
- McCoy Tyner

"A set so solid and enjoyable isn't taking chances; it's taking charge."
V.R. Peterson - JazzTimes


and in the studio - May 11-19

The TSQuintet is: Terrell Stafford (trumpet), Tim Warfield Jr. (tenor & soprano sax), Bruce Barth (piano), Peter Washington (bass) & Dana Hall (drums)

May 11 - Rustin High School

Clinic @ 3:30 - 4:30 PM, Concert @ 7:30 PM (two 45 minute sets)

1100 Shiloh Road, West Chester, PA 19382

May 12 - West Windsor Plainsboro High School South

Clinic @ 3:30 - 4:30 PM, Concert @ 7:30 PM (one 75 minute set)

346 Clarksville Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

May 13 - Jazz Base - Crowne Plaza Hotel - Reading

7:00 PM (two 60 minute sets)

1741 Papermill Road, Wyomissing, PA,

May 14 & 15 - Bohemian Caverns

8:30 & 10:30 PM

2001 11th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001,

May 16 - An Die Musik LIVE

5:00 & 7:00 PM

409 North Charles Street, 2nd Fl., Baltimore, MD,

May 17 & 18 - Recording @ Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY
The Billy Strayhorn Project - for release on Maxjazz Records in 2011

This May 11-19 trumpeter/composer/arranger/educator Terrell Stafford and his Quintet featuring Tim Warfield Jr., Bruce Barth, Peter Washington and Dana Hall, head out on the road for a series of tour dates leading up to two days in the studio to record "The Billy Strayhorn Project" (working title), an album of Strayhorn compositions commissioned and endorsed by members of the Strayhorn family. This recording is scheduled for a January or February 2011 release on Maxjazz Records.

Terell Stafford has been hailed as "one of the great players of our time, a fabulous trumpet player" by piano legend McCoy Tyner. Known for being a gifted and versatile player with a voice all his own, Stafford combines lyricism and a deep love of melody with a spirited, adventurous edge. This uniquely expressive, well-defined musical talent allows Stafford the ability to dance in and around the rich trumpet tradition of his predecessors while making his own inroads.

Stafford picked up his first trumpet at the age of thirteen, and even though he was drawn to jazz, initially studied classical music. While pursuing a music education degree at the University of Maryland, Stafford played with the school's jazz band. It was during this time that he began to immerse himself in jazz, listening to everything that he could get his hands on. He cites as one of his most profound musical influences Clifford Brown's rendition of Cherokee.

In 1988, Stafford had the good fortune to meet and receive advice from Wynton Marsalis who suggested that Stafford study with Dr. William Fielder at Rutgers University. During his time at Rutgers, Stafford was invited to join Bobby Watson's group, Horizon. Over the next five years, Stafford was able to balance his offstage education with the incredible knowledge and experience he gained from performing alongside Watson, co-leader Victor Lewis, and Shirley Scott. Stafford credits this time with teaching him to be an effective arranger, a composer, and a bandleader, all things that Bobby Watson himself learned from his time with the late Art Blakey while performing with the Jazz Messengers. Stafford's time with Horizon led to his joining McCoy Tyner's Latin All-Star Band which featured some of the best Latin jazz players, including trombonist Steve Turre, flutist Dave Valentin and percussionist Jerry Gonzalez.

Since the mid-1990's Stafford has performed with groups such as Benny Golson's Sextet, McCoy Tyner's Sextet, the Kenny Barron Sextet, the Jimmy Heath Big Band, and the Jon Faddis Orchestra. Currently he is a member of the GRAMMY award winning Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (GRAMMY 2009, Best Large Ensemble, Live at the Village Vanguard), as well as a member of the Clayton Brothers Quintet and the Frank Wess Quintet. Between 2006 and 2007 Stafford played an integral part on several albums including Diana Krall's Grammy nominated From this Moment On (2006) for which Stafford joined with the Hamilton-Clayton Jazz Orchestra. In celebration of Jimmy Heath's 80th birthday, Stafford recorded with the Jimmy Heath Big Band for the album Turn Up the Heath (2006). A regular member of drummer Matt Wilson's group "Arts and Crafts," Stafford is featured on the album Scenic Route (2007). As a member of drummer Alvin Queen's band, "Alvin Queen and the Organics," Stafford is heard on the album I Ain't Lookin' at You (2006).

Stafford has also been an integral part of bands led by such venerable artists as Cedar Walton, Sadao Watanabe, Herbie Mann, and Matt Wilson. He has appeared on television (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and You Bet Your Life with Bill Cosby) and can be heard on the soundtrack for the feature film, A Bronx Tale. He has also performed as a guest artist with the Billy Taylor Trio on National Public Radio's Billy Taylor's Jazz at the Kennedy Center.

Stafford has recorded five albums as a leader with his debut album in 1995 entitled Time to Let Go (Candid). In 1997, he followed this album with the critically acclaimed Centripedal Force (Candid). His third album as a leader was the popular Fields of Gold (Nagel-Heyer) featuring the talents of Bill Cunliffe, Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Antonio Hart, and Rodney Green. His fourth release was the enthusiastically received New Beginnings (MaxJazz 2003) and features Mulgrew Miller, Derrick Hodge, Dana Hall, Steve Wilson, Dick Oatts, Harry Allen, and Jesse Davis. Stafford's latest release which features his working band is entitled Taking Chances (MaxJazz 2007) and has been called his best album yet. As a sideman Stafford has been heard on over 80 albums.

An educator as well as a performer, Stafford currently holds the positions of Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies at Temple University in Philadelphia where he was a recent recipient of the University's "Creative Achievement Award." He is also a clinician for the prestigious Vail Foundation in Colorado and Jazz at Lincoln Center's Essentially Ellington Program. Formerly, Stafford served as a member of the faculty for the Juilliard Institute for Jazz Studies in New York.

Stafford was born in Miami and raised in Chicago and Silver Spring, Maryland. He received a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from the University of Maryland in 1988 and a Masters of Music from Rutgers University in 1993.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with Terrell Stafford,

please contact:

Jason Paul Harman Byrne

Red Cat Publicity


Tel 347 578 7601


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Concord Music Group Acquires Celebrated American Roots Label Rounder Records

Acquisition Firmly Establishes the Combined Entity as the World’s Preeminent Independent Music Company

Los Angeles, CA - April 14th, 2010 - The Concord Music Group today announced the acquisition of storied Massachusetts-based independent music label Rounder Records. Rounder, celebrating its 40th year as the world’s leading American roots music label, is a major force in a broad range of musical genres including bluegrass, Americana, singer-songwriter, Cajun & Zydeco and children’s music.

Rounder possesses an extraordinary recorded catalog and current artist roster including bluegrass superstar Alison Krauss, singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter, banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck, actor/musician Steve Martin, jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux, the iconic Robert Plant, notable children’s artist/activist Raffi and country legend Willie Nelson, to name just a few. The acquisition of Rounder and its essential collection of over 3,000 masters combined with Concord Music Group’s rich catalog of more than 10,000 master recordings strengthens Concord’s status as one of the world’s most significant independent record companies, with a leadership position in multiple genres.

Rounder’s creative and marketing functions will continue to be based in Boston and its owners and founders Ken Irwin, Bill Nowlin and Marian Leighton Levy will remain active with the company in a creative and advisory capacity. The company’s senior management will also remain in place: John Virant will continue as the President of Rounder; Sheri Sands will stay on as General Manager. Operating synergies will be achieved by combining the sales, administrative and support functions of the two companies.

Rounder, founded in 1970 by Cambridge folkies, Irwin, Nowlin, and Leighton Levy, has been at the center of nearly all of the American roots revivals that have reshaped the music world in the last 40 years. The self-titled 1975 record by J.D. Crowe and the New South (featuring future stars Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice and Jerry Douglas) revitalized bluegrass and inspired such modern superstars as Rounder’s own Alison Krauss, who is the most decorated female artist in the history of the Grammy® Awards and has also sold over eight million albums and DVDs. Her collaboration with Led Zeppelin front-man Robert Plant on the album Raising Sand emerged as one of 2007’s major critical and word-of-mouth sales success stories. The album was RIAA certified platinum in early 2008 and won five Grammy® Awards including Album and Record of the Year in 2009. An unequaled leader in the preservation and re-release of precious historic recordings, Rounder has brought the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and Mississippi John Hurt back to vibrant life. In addition, their dazzling work on the epic anthologies from the Library of Congress and the Alan Lomax Collection has been universally respected and admired.

Glen Barros, President and CEO of the Concord Music Group, said, “The combination of Concord and Rounder makes so much sense on a creative, strategic and cultural level. With the addition of Rounder, Concord is gaining a magnificent catalog of recordings, the opportunity to work with more of the world’s most amazing artists and a company filled with some great people. Plus, Rounder’s uncompromising commitment to authenticity and intense independent spirit is perfectly in line with everything that Concord is about.”

Norman Lear, Concord Music Group Chairman and co-owner added, “We couldn’t be more honored to join together with Rounder in our collective mission to deliver great, timeless music.”

Marian Leighton Levy, co-Rounder Founder, concurs and adds, “For us, it’s always been about the music. We have long been aware of Concord’s commitment to great catalogue labels within a vibrant and contemporary independent context, and feel the Concord Records Group provides not only a great home for our music and artists, but also a stronger and more secure position going forward.”

John Virant, President of Rounder, said “We’ve always been the little label that could, and our new affiliation with Concord – another fiercely independent organization that shares our core values -- ensures that we can remain true to our central calling: discovering and nurturing quality musical talent.”

About Concord Music Group:

Concord Music Group is one of the largest independent record and music publishing companies in the world and is owner of a rich and historically significant catalog of recordings. Concord Music Group’s legendary family of labels include Concord Records, Concord Jazz, Fantasy, Stax, Milestone, Riverside, Specialty, Telarc, Peak, Heads Up, Prestige and several others. They include titles from some of the most admired and enduring names in music, including Ray Charles, John Coltrane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Isaac Hayes, Little Richard, Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson, Rosemary Clooney, George Shearing and Mel Torme. The group’s current roster of world-class artists includes George Benson, Chick Corea, Kurt Elling, Will Downing, Kenny G, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sergio Mendes, Esperanza Spalding, Macy Gray, Angie Stone and many more. In 2007, Concord partnered with Starbucks Entertainment to form Hear Music, an innovative record label rooted in quality, authenticity and passion. Hear Music works directly with artists, both emerging and established, to bring quality music to the widest possible audience, in both Starbucks locations and music retailers worldwide. Hear Music releases include records from Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Elvis Costello and Playing For Change.

Charlie Musselwhite To Be Inducted Into Blues Hall of Fame May 5

Charlie Musselwhite will be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in a ceremony on May 5, 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee. The Blues Foundation's inductees for this year also include W.C. Handy, Bonnie Raitt and Lonnie Brooks. The Hall of Fame committee consists of scholars, record producers, radio programmers, and historians.


Also being inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame this year are Howling Wolf's version of "Spoonful", written by former Rosebud artist, the late Willie Dixon, who also played bass on the session. Another former Rosebud artist, Robert Cray, will have his 1986 Double Platinum Strong Persuader inducted as well. This was the first recording from Robert Cray after signing for management with Rosebud founder/owner, Mike Kappus. The album went on to win the GRAMMY for Best Contemporary Blues Recording in 1987.

Charlie returned from performing in Thailand at the Phuket International Blues Rock Festival and in late March he embarked on a Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway, Charlie will return stateside to perform in the Northwest in late April. Catch Charlie live on stage, please see Tour Dates >>


For specific information regarding tickets, showtimes, addresses, directions etc., please check the local listing or contact the venues directly.
4/23/2010 Bremerton WA Admiral Theatre

4/24/2010 Seattle WA The Triple Door

4/25/2010 Portland OR Paul deLay Scholarship Benefit Concert - Aladdin Theatre

5/8/2010 San Francisco CA SFJAZZ Gala

5/15/2010 Thomson GA Blind Willie McTell Blues Festival

5/16/2010 Raleigh NC Artsplosure

6/4/2010 Eureka Springs AR Eureka Springs Blues Weekend
"Charlie Musselwhite with The Table Rockers"

6/5/2010 Lotus CA Coloma Blues Live!

6/11/2010 St. Louis MO Old Rock House

6/12/2010 Gladstone MO Gladstone Blues Festival

6/13/2010 Chicago IL Chicago Blues Festival

"Charlie Musselwhite with The Chicago Blues Reunion"

6/19/2010 Kettering OH Fraze Pavilion - Blues, Brews & Barbeque

John Hammond, The Tommy Castro Band

6/25/2010 Laytonville CA Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

6/26/2010 Laytonville CA Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

8/7/2010 Brecon Wales Brecon Jazz Festival 2010

9/25/2010 Ocean Springs MS 7th Annual Shed Hed Blues Festival

10/9/2010 Helena AR Arkansas Blues & Heritage Festival

Fruteland is Coming to Greensboro, NC, For a Teachers' Workshop, 3 Blues in the Schools, a Blues in the Centers and a Public Performance!

[caption id="attachment_2106" align="aligncenter" width="385" caption="Fruteland Jackson"][/caption]

This WEEK Fruteland Jackson will be coming to Greensboro for a Teachers' Workshop, 3 Blues in the Schools, a Blues in the Centers and a public performance. Why Fruteland Jackson? How about his Blues Foundation nominations/Award alone?

Winner - 1997 The Blues Foundation

Keeping The Blues Alive Award - Education

2008 Blues Music Awards Nominations:

Acoustic Album of the Year - Tell Me What You Say

Acoustic Artist of the Yea

25th W.C. Handy Blues Awards Nomination:

Acoustic Blues Album of the Year - Blues 2.0

To read Fruteland's Biography on

The PBPS is fortunate to be able to present such a phenomenal Blues musician and educator thanks to our Community Partner grant from the Greensboro United Arts Council.





Fruteland Jackson's Greensboro Blues in the Schools Visit - Day 1

Blues in the Schools- 12:16 and 1:48, Northern Guilford High School, 7101 Spencer Dixon Road, Greensboro, NC 27455

Teacher Workshop- 4:30PM, Greensboro Arts Center, 200 N.Davie Street, Greensboro 27401



Fruteland Jackson's Greensboro Blues in the Schools Visit - DAY 2 (Early Release School Day)

Blues in the Schools - 11:00-11:40, Penn-Griffin Middle School, 825 E. Washington Drive, High Point, NC 27260

Blues in the Centers- 2:30, Lindley Recreation Center, 2907 Springwood Drive

Greensboro, NC 27403 - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC


Fruteland Jackson's Greensboro Blues in the Schools Visit - Day 3 (Final Day)

Blues in the Schools- 8:30-9:15 Elem. & M.S., 9:30-10:15 H.S., Newcomers' School, 411 Friendway Road, Greensboro 27410

PUBLIC PERFORMANCE- 8PM, Rehearsal Hall, Greensboro Arts Center, 200 N. Davie Street, Greensboro 27401


This may well be the best bargain you have ever received for a Blues show!

For full event details check


Great American Taxi, Now Climbing Americana Airplay Charts, Donates Track ?Appalachian Soul? to Raise Awareness for Coal Miners Relief Fund

Song pays homage to miners and mining communities

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Just in time for Earth Day (April 22), Great American Taxi, whose current album Reckless Habits is climbing the Americana radio airplay charts, has donated a free download of a song, “Appalachian Soul” culled from its debut album Streets of Gold, to raise awareness of the plight of coal miners and their communities in West Virginia. The track is offered free to radio stations that agree to direct listeners to, which in turn links to West Virginia Council of Churches web site, which collects donations for the miners.

GAT frontman Vince Herman, who grew up in West Virginia, comments: “Great American Taxi sends our thoughts out to the families and communities affected by the mining disaster at the upper big branch mine. We hope that their unconquerable Appalachian spirit and families can help them navigate these difficult times. The country and the world share in their grief. We need coal. We need our miners to be safe. We need understanding on all sides of this contentious issue of our national energy policy. We would like to make Taxis' tribute to that Appalachian spirit available as a download here and suggest a donation to the WV council of churches to assist the families of our fallen brothers. Let's all come together and honor the families who have paid that ultimate price for our energy needs and hope that this is the last such disaster we must face.”

In the past five years, Great American Taxi has become one of the best-known headliners on the jam band circuit, their uninhibited sound a swinging concoction of swampy blues, progressive bluegrass, funky New Orleans strut, Southern boogie, honky tonk, gospel and good old fashioned rock ’n’ roll. That loose, anything-can-happen feel is the hallmark of Reckless Habits, the band’s second album, which was recorded in Loveland, Colo., with producer Tim Carbone (from Railroad Earth) bringing the feel of an onstage performance to the recording process. The new album was released through Thirty Tigers on March 2, 2010.

Blurt called Reckless Habits “a giddy combination of boogie, blues, bluegrass, nu-grass and honky-tonk, it's as readily infectious and genuinely freewheeling as its eclectic content might imply. Hopefully this Great American Taxi will continue to take listeners along for similarly spirited rides in the future.” Country Standard Time called it “a well rounded album that fully pays homage to Gram Parsons and his vision of a cosmic American sound that incorporates all the pages of the American Roots songbook.”

When banjo player Mark Vann of Leftover Salmon died of cancer in 2002, that band dissolved. Salmon singer/guitarist/mandolinist Vince Herman had a few rough years and survived a broken neck before joining keyboardist Chad Staehly for a superstar jam to benefit the Rainforest Action Group in Boulder in March 2005. “We put together a dream band of the best local musicians for a one-off gig,” Herman recalls. “It worked so well we had to do it again, and again, and again.” And so Great American Taxi was born. The current lineup includes Herman, Staehly, guitarist Jim Lewin, bassist Brian Adams and drummer Chris Sheldon.

# # #

For more information on Great American Taxi, please contact Conqueroo:
Cary Baker • (323) 656-1600 •
Brian O’Neal • (310) 702-8844 •

[caption id="attachment_2073" align="aligncenter" width="355" caption="Great American Taxi--Reckless Habits"][/caption]

Join Us In Wishing Roxy a Happy B'Day and Celebrate Her 50th Year in Show Biz, Roxy Perry?New York Bluesbird ? April 22nd on KCOR

**This Thursday..... Visit Roxy in the KCOR chat room to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! April 25th is Roxy’s birthday and it marks her 50th year in show biz!!!!***

[caption id="attachment_2088" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Happy B'Day, Roxy. Wishing You Many More "][/caption]

The best Blues, Swing and Indies with Roxy Perry on Kansas City Online Radio! Log on to the KCOR website and click the CHAT icon to join Roxy and friends live in the chat room!

Kansas City Online Radio: Blues-Rock and Cool Talk! Recognized by The National Heritage Foundation Blues Hall of Fame as a Great Blues Radio Station!


7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
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Mondays at 4:00 p.m. CST … or 10:00 a.m. GMT
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on the Web at


Roadmaster – Roxy Perry

Roadrunner – Rhett Tyler

Never Enough Rockin – Sandy Mack

Down The Road – Otis and the Hurricanes

Thrill On The Hill – Bonnie Bramlett

Where Have You Been – Angel Rissoff

You Really Got A Hold On Me – Smokey Robinson

Leo’s Juke And Jive – Frankie Paris

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Luther Allison

Hey Joe – Alvon Johnson

Shotgun – Zed Head

Feelin Alright – Joe Cocker

That’s Alright – Jason Ricci

I Got The Feelin' – James Brown

You Cried For Me – Roxy Perry

Drinking Straight Tequila – Unscheduled Flight

Lovesick – Chrystal Blues

Little Bar Butterfly – Mae West

Don’t Give Her Tequila-- Spencer Thomas

Thinkin' And Drinkin' – Mark Kerr

Double Trouble – Butterfield Blues Band

I Lost What I Had – James Peterson

Bartender Blues – Willie Clayton

Going Down Slow – Tom Jones

Easy For You – Roxy Perry

Melissa Etheridge Debuts New Album Fearless Love on QVC Tomorrow

Tune-in to QVC tomorrow when Melissa Etheridge debuts and performs songs off her new album Fearless Love in a special QVC Presents QSessions Live broadcast. The multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter will appear Tuesday, April 20 at 9:30 PM (ET) and will offer viewers the opportunity to purchase Fearless Love, which has been specially packaged for QVC with an exclusive bonus disc, more than two weeks before street date.

Fearless Love is Etheridge’s 10th studio album, which she produced with legendary producer John Shanks (who produced Etheridge’s four-time Grammy Award-nominated debut Breakdown) and is introspective yet fueled with driven rock songs that are reminiscent of her earlier work. The album is available April 27th. Please share this information with Cross Harp Chronicles readers and see below for assets and additional information.

As one of the most influential artists of her time, Melissa Etheridge has spent the past 20 years pushing the boundaries – both in music and in life. Now, about to release her first studio album in more than two years, the fearless singer songwriter is back and bolder than ever with her new rock record that will she be unveiling live on QVC.

The multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter is scheduled to appear Tuesday, April 20 at 9:30 PM (ET) for a special performance that will include songs from her much-anticipated new release Fearless Love, including her chart-topping title track. During the QVC Presents QSessions Live broadcast, Etheridge will also offer viewers the opportunity to purchase Fearless Love, which has been specially packaged for QVC with an exclusive bonus disc, more than two weeks before street date.

“Melissa continues to be a trail blazer in the industry thanks to her unparalleled talent and honest approach to songwriting,” said John Kelly, vice president of merchandising for QVC. “It truly is an honor to have her perform on our QVC Presents QSessions Live broadcast.”

Fearless Love is Etheridge’s 10th studio album, which she produced with legendary producer John Shanks (who produced Etheridge’s four-time Grammy Award-nominated debut Breakdown), is introspective yet fueled with driven rock songs that are reminiscent of her earlier work.

“This album is definitely a return to my rock n’ roll roots,” said Etheridge. “I am excited for my fans to hear the new songs and am looking forward to performing them live on QVC. It’s going to be a great time!”

QVC shoppers will have the ability to pre-order advance copies of Endless Love on starting April 14, while supplies last.


About Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge has been a core Island Records artist since the release of her critically-acclaimed eponymous RIAA double-platinum debut album. For several years, Etheridge’s popularity built around such memorable songs as “Bring Me Some Water” (from her debut), “No Souvenirs” (from Brave And Crazy) and “Ain't It Heavy” (from Never Enough), for which she won her first Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal. Etheridge hit her commercial and artistic stride with her fourth album, Yes I Am, featuring the massive hits “I’m the Only One” and “Come to My Window,” a searing song of longing that brought her second Best Female Rock Grammy. The album went six times platinum and spent more than two and a half years on the album chart. Her highest charting album, Your Little Secret (#6 on the Billboard Top 200), included the hit single, “I Want to Come Over.” Her astounding success led Etheridge to receive the Songwriter of the Year honor at the ASCAP Pop Awards in 1996, and the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2007.

About QVC

QVC, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation attributed to the Liberty Interactive Group (Nasdaq: LINTA), is one of the largest multimedia retailers in the world. QVC is committed to providing its customers with thousands of the most innovative and contemporary beauty, fashion, jewelry and home products. Its programming is distributed to more than 180 million homes worldwide. The company’s Web site,, is ranked among the top general merchant Internet sites. With operations in the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, and launching in Italy in 2010, West Chester, Pa.-based QVC has shipped more than a billion packages in its 23-year history. QVC, Q, and the Q Ribbon Logo are registered service marks of ER Marks, Inc.

Download Melissa Etheridge QVC Tune-In Banners:

Buy Fearless Love on QVC:

New Music off Fearless Love w/Bonus Greatest Hits on Vevo:

Official Site, Facebook & MySpace Links:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Detroit Music Awards Winners Announced

The following friends of the Detroit Blues Society were honored last night at the Detroit Music Awards:

Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Songwriter - Emily Rose

Outstanding Blues Artist/Group - Johnnie Bassett

Outstanding Blues/R&B Instrumentalist - Johnnie Bassett ( guitar )

Outstanding Blues/R&B Recording - Motor City Josh " Forty Four: A Tribute to Howlin' Wolf "

Outstanding Blues/R&B Songwriter - Chris Codish

Outstanding Blues/R&B Vocalist - Thornetta Davis

Outstanding R&B Artist/Group - Howling Diablos

Outstanding Live Performance - Hot Club of Detroit

Outstanding Live Sound Technician - Neil Sever ( Memphis Smoke / Various )

Outstanding Local Record Label - Mack Avenue Records

Outstanding National Small/Independent Label Recording - Johnnie Bassett " The Gentleman is Back " ( Mack Avenue )

Outstanding Video / Independent Budget (Under $10,000) - Paul Miles " Motown Still Our Town "

Outstanding Video / Major Budget (Over $10,000) - The Motor City Horns and The Brothers Groove featuring Thornetta Davis " Kissing My Love "

Outstanding Gospel/Christian Musician - bugs Beddow - ( flute )

Outstanding Jazz Composer - Chris Codish

Outstanding Jazz Instrumentalist - Keith Kaminski - ( saxophone )

Outstanding Jazz Vocalist - Chris Codish

Outstanding Traditional Jazz Artist/Group - Hot Club of Detroit

Outstanding Urban/Funk Artist/Group - The Brothers Groove

Outstanding Urban/Funk Musician
- Skeeto Valdez ( drums )

Outstanding Urban/Funk Songwriter - Chris Codish

Outstanding Urban/Funk Vocalist
- Nadir

Outstanding Urban/Funk/Hip-Hop Recording - The Howling Diablos " Divine Trash Highway "

Please join us in congratulating these superb folks for their achievements!

For more on the Detroit Music Awards

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Debbie Davies/Robin Rogers to Co-Headline 24th Annual Carolina Blues Festival

Guitar Hero Tinsley Ellis Also Performs at 24th Annual Event

April 15, 2010--Move over, guys. It’s the ladies’ turn in the spotlight this year as the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society presents the 24th Annual Carolina Blues Festival, in association with YES! Weekly, Saturday, May 8th at Festival Park, downtown Greensboro.

Two of the top nationally touring female blues artists will co-headline and perform together at the Carolina Blues Festival: guitarist/vocalist Debbie Davies and singer/harmonica player Robin Rogers.

One of the world’s hottest blues guitarists, Tinsley Ellis, will make his first appearance at the Carolina Blues Festival. Also on the bill this year is Raleigh-based retro blues guitarist Matt Walsh, and the two winners of the 2009 PBPS Blues Challenge, Greensboro’s Charlley Ward Band and Richmond, VA-based duo Sleepy-Eyed Jay and Chicago Slim.

The Carolina Blues Festival is the closing event in the annual week long EMF Jazz & Blues Series.


Debbie Davies

To borrow a phrase from James Brown, the blues scene has been a “man’s man’s man’s world,” especially if you want to make it as a guitar player. Los Angeles native Debbie Davies has secured her place in blues culture as an instrumentalist of singular accomplishment. People magazine raves, “Davies’s playing is extraordinary, full of propulsion, energy and melodic invention. Two of her mentors were a pair of blues icons: British blues bandleader/impresario John Mayall, and Chicago blues legend Albert Collins. After knocking around the San Francisco blues scene for a few years, Davies joined a blues band fronted by Mayall’s wife Maggie. Debbie’s guitar playing soon caught the interest of Albert Collins, who invited her to join his band The Icebreakers. For three years Collins presented Davies as a featured guitarist performing all over America and abroad. Ultimately Blind Pig Records, one of the leading blues recording labels in the U.S, would offer Davies her own contract. In 1993, Davies released her debut effort Picture This, the first of nine solo albums. Davies has also released three collaborative efforts; one with Kenny Neal and Tab Benoit, one with Anson Funderburgh and Otis Grand, and one with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s former band Double Trouble. Davies is an eight-time Blues Music Award nominee. She earned the award in 1997 for Best Contemporary Female Blues Artist. Her most recent CD was released in October of 2009; an all-instrumental tour-de-force entitled Holding Court.

To borr

Davies and her band will perform with Robin Rogers at the 24th Annual Carolina Blues Festival. Robin Rogers has established herself as one of the fastest-rising stars on the blues scene. In five short years since winning the Charlotte Blues Society Blues Challenge (and a finalist in the International Blues Challenge), Robin has earned a Blues Foundation award for her second release, Crazy Cryin’ Blues, was signed to Blind Pig Records, releasing her critically acclaimed CD Treat Me Right, and won the 2009 Blues Blast Award for Best Female Artist. Also in 2009, Rogers earned her very first Blues Music Award nomination for Best Contemporary Female Blues Artist of the Year. Rogers is a triple-threat talent; she’s an expressive, soulful singer, a powerful blues harp player and an accomplished songwriter. Her composition “Color-Blind Angel” from her Blind Pig debut Treat Me Right won second place in the blues category in the 2007 International Songwriters Competition. Robin Rogers and Her Hot Band is already becoming a top draw on the blues touring scene. But Robin Rogers teamed with blues guitar great Debbie Davies on stage at the 24th Annual Carolina Blues Festival has all the makings of an unforgettable performance.

Alligator recording artist Tinsley Ellis is making his very first appearance at the Carolina Blues Festival, and judging from his incendiary club performances at Charlotte’s Double Door Inn or Hillsborough’s Blue Bayou (or any of his hundreds of concerts and festivals he plays yearly across the continents), it will be a memorable one. After all, this is the guitarist that Atlanta Magazine called “the most significant blues artist to emerge from Atlanta since Blind Willie McTell.” Since his 1988 debut Georgia Blue, Tinsley Ellis has been one of the marquee artists on the Alligator Records roster. A native of southern Florida, Ellis first picked up a guitar as an eight-year old enamored with the blues rock of the Rolling Stones, Cream and the Yardbirds. Through his formative years, Ellis delved deeper into the blues, developing a mature appreciation for the real thing: B.B. King, Freddie King and Albert King. After several years with the Atlanta blues outfit The Alley Cats, Ellis hooked up with harp player Chicago Bob Nelson and formed The Heartfixers. Several Heartfixers albums later, Ellis landed his deal with Alligator and the rest is blues history. His latest Alligator release, Speak No Evil, is nominated for the 2010 Rock/Blues Album of the Year. As good as his recordings are, Tinsley Ellis is a guitarist best experienced live. His performances feature extended fretwork filled with melodic and rhythmic experimentation. In other words, Tinsley Ellis is a blues guitar lover’s dream come true.

Another exciting artist makes his debut at the Carolina Blues Festival this year: Raleigh’s Matt Walsh. The 31-year old guitarist/singer is steeped in 50’s era Chicago blues, rockabilly and jump blues. Walsh cites as his major influences Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Guitar Watson, Robert Nighthawk and Elmore James among others. A top regional draw, Walsh gained national attention after being interviewed by none other than Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin in Blues Revue magazine. His most recent CD Hard Luck (2007 Raw Tone Records) remains in heavy rotation on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Blues Revue was effusive in its praise for the 12 original Matt Walsh tunes on Hard Luck, comparing several tracks to classic Muddy Waters songs: “Walsh’s fierce, slashing slide on ‘Why My Baby Ain’t Around’ is reminiscent of classic Waters tunes…. (they)possess the master’s knowing, virile aloofness.” Both his recordings and live shows place Matt Walsh at the vanguard of old school Chicago blues.

Greensboro’s Charlley Ward Band will perform at the 24th Annual Carolina Blues Festival thanks to its winning performance at the 2009 PBPS Blues Challenge (Band division). The tall, angular Ward is an ebullient performer with equally impressive chops as a vocalist and guitarist. Ward is a veteran of the North Carolina blues scene. In fact, one of his previous bands, The Bull City Blues Band, won the PBPS Blues Challenge in 1993.

Keeping with tradition, the Carolina Blues Festival will open with some acoustic blues. This year, it will be provided by 2009 PBPS Blues Challenge winners (solo/duo division) Sleepy-Eyed Jay & Chicago Slim. The Richmond, VA twosome is propelled by Jay’s impressive vocals and Slim’s sure-handed guitar work.

2:00 Sleepy-Eyed Jay & Chicago Slim

3:15 Charlley Ward Band

4:45 Matt Walsh Band

6:30 The Debbie Davies Band with Robin Rogers

8:30 Tinsley Ellis


Advance tickets are $18.00, and will be available from March 25 through May 7. On May 8 tickets will be $30.00 at the gate. When you purchase advance tickets, you will save $12.00 per ticket, so buy your Festival tickets in advance! Kids 12 and under get in free day of show. The PBPS is also offering a special corporate group rate of ten (10) tickets for only $120. To get this deal, your ticket request must be submitted on your company or office letterhead, with check or money order payable to the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society. Please include a business card when you send in your request. Mail your group ticket request (on company or office letterhead) to PBPS, P.O. Box 9737, Greensboro, NC 27429. Group ticket discounts are available through May 5.

The PBPS website is now equipped for on-line ticket sales. The PBPS website will accept all major credit cards.

Tickets are also available at the Carolina Theatre Box office, 310 South Greene Street, downtown Greensboro (Mon-Fri, hours are 12pm-5pm), or charge by phone by calling (336) 333-2605. On-line sales are available at

Tickets will also be on sale at The Bank of Oak Ridge (five locations; 2102 N. Elm St., 1597 New Garden Road, 400 Pisgah Church Road, Greensboro; 4423 Highway 220 North, Summerfield, and 2211 Oak Ridge Road, Oak Ridge), and Stonefield Cellars Winery, 8220 NC Highway 68 North, Stokesdale.

Once again this year, The Music Academy of North Carolina will operate the Kids Area at the Carolina Blues Festival in partnership with the PBPS. The Academy will bring exciting enhancements including demonstrations of Early Childhood Music programs and the very popular instrument petting zoo to the Kids Area. Popular activities such as face painting and arts & crafts will continue. Information about the MANC and its programs and faculty will be available on site and faculty and staff will be available to answer questions. This year we are proud to welcome MANC’s own Kevin Dollar as our Kids Area performer. Kevin will perform three times at the Kids Area: 2:30, 3:30 and 5:15.


A huge thank you our Associate Sponsor YES! Weekly. Big thanks to Rock 92, WNAA 90.1 FM, Smith Stokes Chevrolet Buick Cadillac Pontiac, The Bank of Oak Ridge, Greensboro City Arts, Stonefield Cellars Winery, Natty Greene’s Brewing Co., R.H Barringer Distributing, Grateful Bread, City Arts - Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro, Inc.
We will once again provide the big tent to house the stage and protect

Festivalgoers from any inclement weather (not that we’re expecting any!).

The PBPS is proud to have Stonefield Cellars Winery as our official wine vendor for the 24th Annual Carolina Blues Festival. Enjoy Stonefield’s award winning wines and “have some reds and whites with your blues!” There will also be ice-cold beer (draught and in cans), soft drinks and bottled water available. A wide selection of food vendors will be on hand to feed you. The PBPS will have their 2010 edition of the Carolina Blues Festival t-shirts, as well as other PBPS shirts and souvenirs available for sale. And, as usual, no coolers, bottles, cans, and outside food allowed inside the festival area. Audio and video recording equipment is prohibited inside the festival area. No pets allowed. By ordinance of the Fire Marshall, smoking is prohibited under the big tent. Please access the entrance to the Festival at the front gate located near the intersection of Davie and Friendly streets. Flash photography will be allowed.


There are three parking decks within easy walking distance of the festival and it’s all free during the weekend. There is plentiful parking on the streets as well.

Festivalgoers are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, folding chairs, blankets or beach towels. No chairs will be provided.


Debbie Davies:

Robin Rogers :

Tinsley Ellis :

Matt Walsh:

Charlley Ward Band:

Sleepy-Eyed Jay & Chicago Slim:


* Robin Rogers finished in the top three on two different occasions in the PBPS Blues Challenge.
* Debbie Davies shared the stage with Delbert McClinton and Little Milton at the Carolina Blues Festival at Castle McCulloch in 1996.
* Debbie Davies and Robin Rogers are the first two female co-headliners to perform together at the Carolina Blues Festival.
* The Piedmont Blues Preservation Society and the EMF have partnered with each other on the EMF Jazz & Blues Series since 2006.


Go to our website: Or e-mail

The Piedmont Blues Preservation Society is a non-profit 501C3 all-volunteer organization dedicated to keeping the blues alive.
P.O Box 9737
Greensboro, NC 27429
Keeping the Blues alive
Since 1985

Cruise With the Blues This Thursday-KCOR ? Roxy Perry | NY Bluesbird - Tune in April 15th

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Hey Spring is here! The weather is good! Roll down the windows and hit the road. This week Roxy's playlist was chosen especially for cruising. So tune in. Crank up the sounds. Let the winds play through your hair. And cruise to some of the best Blues on radio. We are going riding.


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Roadmaster – Roxy Perry

Ticket To Ride – Rob Paparozzi

Dynaflow – Albert King

Don't Drive Me Baby – Lowell Fulson

Hot Rod– The Fins

Low Rider – War

Fast Life Rider – Johnny Winter

Drivin' Wheel – Corrin Huddlestn

Key To The Highway – Clayton Love

Body And Fender Man – Frankie Paris

Roll All Day – Jason Ricci

Electra 225 – Jerry Dugger

Highway Song – Paul Gabriel

Slow Down – Tom Jones

Slow Down Baby – Rhett Tyler / Roxy Perry

Road Warrier – Sandy Mack

Cadillac – Electrofield

Every Dog Has Its Day – Mark Kerr

Man On The Run – Vargas Blues Band

East Bound Train – Richie Scarlett

Red Hook – Hitman Blues

Geonopheny – Jason Ricci

Strip Me Naked – John Lee Hooker

Crooked Path – Roxy Perry

Smooth Ontario Nights An All-Star Jazz Weekend April 16 & 17

Smooth Ontario Nights
An All-Star Jazz Weekend
April 16 & 17
Doubletree Hotel Ontario Airport
222 No. Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764

Euge Groove, Everette Harp, Terry Steele

This is the music experience you’ve been waiting for…Two Evenings of All-Star Jazz, Dining & Dancing awaits you, filled with exciting times and hosted by the Doubletree Hotel, located just minutes from the Ontario International Airport and endless premier shopping at Victoria Gardens or the Ontario Mills Mall.

Otis Redding?s 2-CD Live on the Sunset Strip Documents Historic 1966 Club Date at the Artist's Peak of Power

Three full sets available in their entirety for the first time,
with digital remastering and extensive liner notes

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — In 1966, Otis Redding had emerged not only as the star of Stax Records but as one of nation’s most influential soul singers. With his version of “Satisfaction” climbing the charts in April 1966, Redding arrived in Los Angeles to play both the Hollywood Bowl (as part of a KHJ-AM listener appreciation concert that also featured Donovan, Sonny & Cher and the Mamas & the Papas) and a four-nighter at the legendary Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. According to Taj Mahal, whose ’60s band the Rising Sons opened the Whisky shows, “At that time, Otis was it.”

Live on the Sunset Strip, slated for May 18, 2010 release on Stax Records through Concord Music Group, captures Redding in the white heat of transition, when his star power was undeniable and it was still possible to catch him backed by his own road band in the tight quarters of a smoky nightclub. The 2-CD set features three full live sets that have never been previously available in their entirety. A definitive live statement from Redding, the songs are sequenced exactly as they went down, complete with an emcee and spoken introductions by Redding. The booklet features rare photographs as well as extensive liner notes by Ashley Kahn, author of music biographies and a contributor to NPR’s Morning Edition.

Live on the Sunset Strip highlights versions of Redding’s best-known songs: “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” “Security,” “I Can’t Turn You Loose,” “Satisfaction,” “Respect,” “These Arms of Mine” and “Just One More Day,” to name a few.

As Kahn points out in his notes, “In 1966, Redding was 24 and defined not only the sound but the style and look of a true soul man. Tall and lanky, he was ready to drop to his knees and tear off the thin-lapelled jacket of his sharply pressed suit when it was time to deliver the goods. His ten-piece band was his personal, traveling amen-corner, urging him to testify night after night . . . His out-of-breath stage patter was warm and downhome. ‘Ladies and gentlemens,’ he addressed his fans, ‘holler as loud as you wanna — you ain’t home!’”

The Whisky A Go Go was known for its integrated booking policy and for helping bring awareness of R&B and blues to rock audiences, who attended shows by the Doors, Love, and the Standells at the venue. On April 7-10, the club booked the Otis Redding Revue for the Easter weekend that followed the Hollywood Bowl appearance. Redding’s entourage included an emcee and a full 10-piece band (led by saxophonist Bob Holloway) along with three up-and-coming singers performing one tune apiece before the headliner hit the stage. Engineer Wally Heider, the West Coast’s leading recorder of live performances, was hired to tape the three nights.

The shows did not go unnoticed by the Los Angeles Times, which noted: “Drawn by his growing popularity, a fervid audience shoe-horned into the club . . . Redding was assured of an In Group [sic] following Thursday night when from among his spectators emerged Bob Dylan, trailed by an entourage of camp followers.” (Legend holds that Dylan offered him “Just Like a Woman” as a possible cover that night, though Redding thought the song was a little wordy.)

Redding achieved even greater heights in the months after the Whisky performances, chalking up two new hits (“Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa [Sad Song]” and “Try a Little Tenderness”). He played San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium, took part in the Stax/Volt Revue through Europe in March ’67 and stole the show at the historic Monterey International Pop Festival in June of that year. The ultimate tragedy happened on December 10, 1967, when, as eloquently stated by Kahn, “his death in an airplane crash . . . dramatically froze his star forever in its perfect, meteoric apogee.”

In 1968, Stax posthumously issued the LP In Person at the Whisky A Go Go, with liner notes by Los Angeles Times critic Pete Johnson, who’d also reviewed the live show. In 1993, the CD Good to Me: Recorded Live at the Whisky, Vol. 2 expanded on a largely forgotten 1982 LP, Recorded Live. While those releases juggled selections from different shows, Live on the Sunset Strip stands out as a historically true document, offering the last three consecutive sets capturing Redding and his band in top form.

“I’m still real clear about those shows,” recalls Taj Mahal, whose Rising Sons opened them. “It was raw and unscripted. It was just the joy of music, you know. The joy of rhythm, the joy of energy. . ."

# # #

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Jimmy Warren Band Newest Release Hits the Streets Today No More Promises




The mission of the blues from its evolution in the South after the Civil War onward, and the glorious results, has been to express the myriad joys and sorrows of life. As contemporary blues guitarist Jimmy Warren relates, “I was never the same after hearing my first Son House and Robert Johnson songs. There was something heartfelt and genuine coming from their music, it seemed real.” His experience is clearly in evidence on his first studio CD, No More Promises.

Warren was born in Kankakee, Illinois on October 25, 1964. He came to the guitar relatively late around 1989, but quickly made up for lost time. Completely self-taught, within a year he was playing professionally and has since performed with an eclectic list of artists including Buddy Miles, Junior Wells, Sugar Blue, Pat Travers, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Mack, Reo Speedwagon and Chris Duarte, among others. From 1998-2008 he took a hiatus from music to focus on his family, only to return better and more determined than ever. In 2009 the tight and driving Jimmy Warren Band of John DiGregorio (rhythm guitar), Mike Boyle (bass) and Charles Price (drums) released their first CD, Live at Last (Vision Records and Entertainment).

Jimmy Warren Band

(back l. to. r. - Mike Boyle, John DiGregorio, Charles Price)

The new 12-song set of all originals as penned by Warren draws the listener in immediately with “Watermelon Money” a jazzy minor key progression that finds him decrying his inability to satisfy his woman’s desire for material possessions. He keeps the pot simmering on the hypnotic, minor key shuffle “Mean Mistreater,” digging into his frets with fire and conviction, masterfully building intensity and anticipation. Switching gears dynamically, he sings the plaintive ballad “”I’m Gonna Love You,” showing no reluctance in expressing his love minus the irony. With the requisite nod to Jimi Hendrix and the eighties rock he also admires, Warren moves effortlessly between Electric Lady soul and long, melodic solo lines featuring his signature gorgeous tone on the instrumental “Darker Shade of Grey.”

Dusky, late night blues return on the sexy slow drag “It Ain’t Fair,” a working man’s lament with Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin guesting on “Honey Bee” slide guitar. “Standing in My Shoes” is a chugging, well-oiled blues powered by an infectious, loping guitar riff as Warren strikes a blow for the unemployed in these tough economic times, letting loose his anger and chops in a slashing, biting solo.

Jimmy Warren

"Smooth guitarist with a great style & sound." Chuck Rainey, bassist for Steely Dan

The title track serves up a tasty slice of Southern-fried rock that belies Warren’s Midwest roots, allowing him to sing his lover’s tale of woe with passion while once again displaying his unerring knack for memorable melodies. “Love’s Gone Bad Again” mines even deeper lost love territory in a melancholy, minor key ballad where Warren plays his heart strings and guitar strings to maximum effect. Maintaining the momentum, Warren pleads his case to his woman on the folk rock of “It’s Been Too Long” as his guitar helps expose the bare wires of his soul. Likewise, “A Love That Hurts” rocks out with minor key angst and the declaration of, “Your love hurts, more than any other has.”

“A Matter of Time” uses an anthem-like progression and organ backing to create a full-throated cry of love. Coming full circle, Warren saves his best chilling blues for last with the slow and dramatic “Sends Me on My Way” that emphasizes the chasm between labor and management as he soars on his axe like an avenging angel of the working class. Jimmy Warren is as real as it gets. His blues and rock are heartfelt, genuine and deeply satisfying.

Dave Rubin, Staff Writer, Guitar Edge Magazine