Monday, August 23, 2010

Event Alert: Private Screening of "GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps and Ho's Please Stand Up!"

[caption id="attachment_3602" align="aligncenter" width="385" caption="GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimps and Hos..."][/caption]
Los Angeles - Tuesday, August 24 will mark the evening that Captured Light Films, along with producer William Arntz and author E. Raymond Brown, debut a private screening of their groundbreaking collaboration "GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps and Ho's Please Stand Up!" A documentary feature which mixes political commentary with social awareness and spirituality dynamics, "GhettoPhysics" jumps off the screen with input from Cornel West, Ice T, Too Short, Filmore Slim, John Perkins, Cynthia McKinney and Norman Lear.

Engagingly interposing the "Pimp/Ho" dynamics of prostitution with the "Pimp/Ho" realities of the American Capitalist system while at the same time juxtaposing tenets of metaphysics, "GhettoPhysics" is the next dimension of William Arntz's box office success "What the Bleep Do We Know!?"

Based on the E. Raymond Brown's critically acclaimed novel, Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up - Peeping the Multi-leveled Global Game, "GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps and Ho's Please Stand Up" will be released nationally this October by Captured Light Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The screening will take place Tuesday, August 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bridge Theater, 6031 Center Drive in Culver City, CA.

RSVP at by Noon, Tuesday. This will be a "sold out" event so get there early to get seated!

And for a taste of what you are in for, visit the website at and peep the trailer


Be prepared to get your mind right ! "GhettoPhysics" is comin' and takin' us to the next level!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

America's Got Talent Finalists, The Voices Of Glory Sign Recording Contract


Tate Music Group is proud to announce the newest addition to its artist line-up, The Voices of Glory.

Tate Music Group sought to sign The Voices of Glory to its label after the three singers captured America's attention on NBC's America's Got Talent. TMG will promote the group's talent through performances, radio airplay, nationwide media exposure, and other events. Their album is expected to release in the summer of 2010.

The Voices of Glory are a group of siblings whose unique style of singing harmonies makes them stand out.

Michael, Avery, and Nadia started singing together in 2007 after their mother, Felicia, was in a head-on car collision by a drunk driver. She was seriously injured and in a coma. They serenaded their mother for months and she eventually came out of the coma and started rehabilitation. This wasn't the end of the kids' singing, however.

They started traveling to nursing homes and other hospitals in an effort to help other patients. Participating in "America's Got Talent," the group made it to the top five out of more than 100,000 contestants.

In addition to signing with TMG, The Voices of Glory have received a contract to headline their own show for one full year in Branson, Missouri, the location of which will be announced later this month. The show will be combined with a 48-state tour, both beginning in April 2010.

The Voices of Glory will begin the New Year performing on January 18 at the "World Famous Arena," Madison Square Garden during a celebration for Martin Luther King. The performance will take place during the New York Knicks game against the Detroit Pistons.

"Tate Music Group is committed to excellence in the music industry," Director of Music Acquisitions for TMG, Brianne Webb, said. "Our staff of highly trained professionals‚Äîincluding music producers, graphic designers, and marketing personnel‚ work together with our artists to produce the very finest music product available. Our partnership with Voices of Glory will definitely make an impact and we are excited to see what the future of this partnership produces."


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Jesse McReynolds "Songs Of The Grateful Dead" coming 10/5

Jesse McReynolds & Friends with David Nelson & Stu Allen

Songs Of The Grateful Dead: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter

Release Date: October 5, 2010

Woodstock Records presents Songs Of The Grateful Dead recorded by one of our country's greatest music legends, mandolin innovator and stylist Jesse McReynolds.

An American treasure, Jesse is best known for his singing, arranging, songwriting and musical wizardry.

Jesse has been a Grand Ole Opry member for more than 45 years and is a multiple Grammy nominee and winner. Jesse McReynolds & his brother Jim (Jim & Jesse) have numerous honors including being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame's "Walkway of Stars", the Virginia Country Music Hall of Fame, the International Bluegrass Music Association's Hall of Honor, and Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Hall of Fame.

Jesse has now taken one more musical step by recording the repertoire of one of the greatest bands, The Grateful Dead. Thirteen songs recorded in a way that only Jesse's style can bring to each song with a fresh clear vision. Performed with his friends, David Nelson (New Riders Of The Purple Sage) and Stu Allen, twelve of the finest Grateful Dead songs ever written by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia and a bonus track, a new original song Day By Day penned by Jesse & Grateful Dead songwriter, Robert Hunter.

"Jesse's singing voice is like a long-lost brother voice between Jerry Garcia and David Nelson. Everyone who knows their work and is fortunate enough to hear this record will know what I mean. What a trio you'd all have made! The singing is steady and strong. Jerry would approve, I'm certain." - Robert Hunter

Woodstock Records has recently released The New Riders Of The Purple Sage CD Where I Come From and Professor Louie & The Crowmatix CD Whispering Pines and is proud to add to their catalogue, Jesse McReynolds & Friends - David Nelson & Stu Allen - Songs Of The Grateful Dead - A Tribute to Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter

1. Black Muddy River 5:37
2. Ripple 4:29

3. The Wheel 5:50

4. Bird Song 8:06

5. Franklin's Tower 5:29

6. Standing On The Moon 5:24

7. Loser 5:26

8. Fire On The Mountain 6:14

9. Stella Blue 6:42

10. Deep Elem Blues 5:57

11. Deal 5:08

12. Alabama Getaway 4:16

13. Day By Day 4:40


Ponderosa Stomp Announces the Clandestine Celluloid Film Series Daytime, September 24 & 25th 2010 at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans? French Quarter

The Ponderosa Stomp music festival has been growing every year, giving birth to a music history conference and film series during the day before the concerts, then a record hop. This year’s Clandestine Celluloid film series moves to One Eyed Jacks, a few blocks from the Music History Conference being held in the Cabildo in Jackson Square.

For film series producer Madeleine Molyneaux, Clandestine Celluloid, the second incarnation of the moving image component of the Ponderosa Stomp “will expose Stomp attendees to film subjects and archival footage that have, due to circumstances often beyond filmmaker or audience control, remained secret, silenced or submerged …until now.”

The two-day series, with filmmakers Les Blank, Bradley Beesley and others in attendance, includes the first ever public screening of “It’s What’s Happening, Baby!, a 1965 TV special hosted by the infamous East Coast DJ Murray the K, a sneak preview of the film-in-progress “Bayou Maharajah” about New Orleans piano legend James Booker, “Hot Pepper”, the story of Clifton Chenier , and some extremely clandestine films that have been scarcely seen and hotly pursued by those who have heard the whispers. n addition to the film schedule below, the Stomp has just announced the schedule for the music history conference, visit here for full details.



“Heroes of the Ponderosa Stomp (Part One)” – (compiled by Joe Lauro, 30 min)

An all-new, all-star revue featuring classic performance clips of past and present Ponderosa Stomp musicians. A follow-up from last year’s presentation that had audiences rolling in the aisles. From Wanda Jackson to Frogman, we’ve got them front and center.

Ponderosa Stomp regular contributor, filmmaker and master archivist Joe Lauro of Historic Films Archive will be in attendance following each of his programs Friday and Saturday.

“Bayou Maharajah” – (dir. Lily Keber, work in progress, 2010, 30 min)

Special sneak preview of the feature-length documentary-in-progress on the life and music of New Orleans piano legend James Booker. Through interviews with friends and contemporaries, the film traces Booker’s life from child prodigy to his acclaimed work as session pianist, his solo career and infamous personal life to his early death and continuing legacy. Illustrated with archival concert footage, still photos and promotional material, the film paints a portrait of this overlooked genius. The soundtrack brings to life Booker’s distinct style and includes his early R&B hits, his genre-defying medleys, and the ‘spiders on the keys’ complexity of his music.

Filmmaker Lily Keber and longtime Booker associate Bunny Matthews will be in attendance to discuss the ongoing project – and James Booker – after the screening.


“Crescent City Shadows” – (compiled by Joe Lauro60 min)

An extraordinary compilation, assembled exclusively for Clandestine Celluloid, of rare and unseen early New Orleans music and images, slices of everyday life and celebration circa 1900-1960’s, culled from private collections, raw newsreel coverage of Mardi Gras and other events. Think of it as the prequel to Always for Pleasure (1978), Les Blank’s classic paean to New Orleans.


“Hot Pepper” –(dir. Les Blank, 1973, 58 min)

A thrilling musical portrait of zydeco king Clifton Chenier, who combines the pulsating rhythms of Cajun dance music and black R&B with African overtones, belting out his irresistible music in the sweaty juke joints of South Louisiana. It contains this classic exchange between two customers: "People is people," answered by "Everywhere you go." Chenier’s longtime guitarist, Lil Buck Sinegal, also performs and gives a live interview this year at Ponderosa Stomp.

“J’ai Ete Au Bal/I Went To The Dance” – (dir. Les Blank, Maureen Gosling & Chris Strachwitz, 1989, 30 min/clips)

Unreleased selections, including performance and additional footage of featured musicians, from a true classic of its genre. Considered to be the definitive film on the history of the toe-tapping, foot-stomping music of French Southwest Louisiana, the film includes many Cajun and Zydeco greats, featuring Michael Doucet and Beausoleil, Clifton Chenier, Marc and Ann Savoy, DL Menard, and many others.

Filmmakers Les Blank and Chris Strachwitz in attendance; Discussion to follow screening about field recording, producing music, and documentary filmmaking.


CLANDESTINE!!! A scarcely screened documentary about Mississippi blues featuring R.L. Burnside. (dir. Bradley Beesley, 1999, 60 min)

Bradley Beesley's scarcely seen documentary tells it how it really is. This is a foot-stomping work about a small record label’s chase to find "real" blues: Gutbucket Mississippi blues. According to the film, the further you get from Mississippi, the worse the music gets. What is ultimately revealed are the conditions from which the blues were born. The film focuses on R.L. Burnside, a late bloomer who didn't dedicate his time to music until he was in his late 50s. Also featured is T-Model Ford, who didn't pick up a guitar until the tender age of 77. The soul and pain of those who live in the northern Mississippi hill country shines through in its music, as well as this film. Under their living circumstances, it is obvious what helps these folks get through the day: music and humor.

Filmmaker Bradley Beesley in attendance; Q&A to follow screening.SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25th


“Heroes of the Ponderosa Stomp (Part 2)” (compiled by Joe Lauro, 30 min)

An all-new, all-star revue featuring classic performance clips of past and present Ponderosa Stomp musicians. A follow-up from last year’s presentation that had audiences rolling in the aisles. From Wanda Jackson to Frogman, we’ve got them front and center.

“The Zakary Thaks Cover Songs” (courtesy Cicadelic Records and Zakary Thaks, 1967, 30 min)

Super secret selections from a July 1967 film…the legendary Zakary Thaks performing cover songs from their playlist, with the intention of using it to promote the group to club owners along the Texas coast and beyond. (The potential club owners wanted to hear what was being played on the radio, so selections included songs by Jefferson Airplane, Love, Byrds, Mitch Ryder, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Wilson Pickett and others).


“It's What's Happening, Baby” –(courtesy Peter Altschuler/Historic Films Archive, 1965, 89 min)

A television special on CBS-TV hosted by East Coast iconic deejay/concert promoter Murray the K., which aired on June 28, 1965. The special featured performances by many of the popular artists of the day like Jan & Dean, Mary Wells, the Dave Clark Five, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Supremes, Tom Jones, Bill Cosby , Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles, The Drifters, The Miracles, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, The Ronettes, The Four Tops and The Temptations, occasionally interspersed with Murray the K's public announcements urging the youth of America to pursue education and summer employment. Much of the performance footage was shot live on the stage of the Brooklyn Fox Theater. This will be the first time the show has been screened in its entirety since its original broadcast on Channel 5 in New York.


“Teen-A-Go-Go” – (dir. Melissa Kirkendall, 2008, 86 min)

Subtitled “A Little Film about Rock and Roll History”, an entertaining, exuberantly nostalgic and informative trip to the garages, basements and rec rooms of the fearless teens of the mid-1960’s rock and roll scene in Fort Worth Texas. Interviews with bands and fans, including The Elites, Larry & the Blue Notes, Lenny Kaye, Billy Miller, Ira Robbins, King Coffey, the 5,6,7,8’s, the Cynics, Johnny Reno and many more. What happened to these bands? Who were the kids that played in these bands? What were the scenes like? Who made it big? Who didn't? Why? Focusing on one particularly unique Teen Scene in Fort Worth, Texas, as an example of the phenomena that crossed the Atlantic and took hold across America, the film sheds light on the undeniable, yet unconscious, impact this community of ground breaking teens had on the shape and sound of rock and roll.

Director Melissa Kirkendall and producer Mark A. Nobles in attendance, in conversation to follow the screening with Fort Worth music historian William Williams and veteran of the Fort Worth teen scene, Billy Miller of Norton Records


CLANDESTINE!!! So secret we can’t call it by name…A rarely screened film about a rock and roll legend (dir. Les Blank 1974, 72 minutes)

Called by the Washington Post the "best film ever made on Rock and Roll". Think Oklahoma. Piano player. Fans of the geniuses of ivory tickling will not want to miss this opportunity to see this uncompromising days-in-the-life dispatch of a rock and roll legend who has only recently been drawn out of seclusion to record with his acolyte, Elton John.

There is a suggested donation of $20 per day for the Clandestine Celluloid film series. The donation will also give attendees entry to the Stomp Music History Conference, “Unsung Heroes” Music Exhibit.

For information about the Ponderosa Stomp contact Heather West, Western Publicity, 773/301-5767,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eric Clapton "The 1960s Review" on DVD 10/19

Eric Clapton "The 1960s Review" on DVD 10/19

The story of Clapton's formative years

While few would argue that Eric Clapton is one of the finest guitarists of all time, it is sometimes forgotten just how pivotal, influential and downright startling this man was during the 1960s. And while, throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, Clapton has remained a musician and songwriter of rare ability with moments of glory resplendent on album after album it was during the decade in which he emerged that his awesome skills were used most creatively. As an early member of the Yardbirds, a crucial part of the Bluesbreakers, a founder member of Cream and 'the one who mattered most' in the short lived Blind Faith, EC, to many, really was a deity.

In this extraordinary documentary, his life and career throughout these crucial ten years is put under the microscope, and with the help of archive interviews with the man himself, exclusive contributions from friends, band mates and colleagues, rare and classic performance footage, seldom seen photographs, location and period archive plus a host of other features, the story in question is told in a manner it never has been before.

Includes brand new interviews with musicians and performers; John Mayall, Paul Jones, Neil Innes, Tom McGuiness, Chris Dreja, Top Topham, Ben Palmer, Dave Kelly and Cream producer Bill Halverson, plus expert insight from Cream biographer Chris Welch, Yardbirds biographer Alan Clayson and Uncut magazine's contributing editor, Nigel Williamson.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Planet Rock BC to Host Benefit Concert to Aid Kalamazoo River Oil Spill Cleanup, August 21

[caption id="attachment_3488" align="aligncenter" width="385" caption="Battle for Relief Poster"][/caption]

Planet Rock BC has partnered with the Comstock Park-based Arrowhead Productions for a concert benefiting the Kalamazoo River oil spill cleanup, August 21.

Planet Rock BC has partnered with the Comstock Park-based Arrowhead Productions for a concert benefiting the Kalamazoo River oil spill cleanup.

The free concert runs from noon to 10 p.m. Aug. 21 at Friendship Park in downtown Battle Creek. The event will feature several regional acts, as well as food and drinks.

At the concert, donations can be made to the Kalamazoo River Environmental Relief Fund and the Marshall Relief Fund. Money will help “the families, animals and environment that are affected by the oil spill,” according to a news release from Planet Rock.

Bands performing include Shelagh Brown, The Envy League, Dunktank, The Vandrie, Too Soon To Stay, Levitys Law, Tripp Hazzard, Circus Asylum, Blitz & The Thundertones and more.

Come out and help our friends and see a great day of music, enjoy great food and beverages.

For more information:
Kalamazoo River Environmental Relief Fund 517.568.5222.

Marshall Relief Fund 269.579.4488

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Featured Video: Paul Joseph Miles sings Sister to the Blues

Featured Video: JJ Vicars Take Me Down to Memphis

I want your personal music videos.

These .videos must be of you (solo) or you and your band (Group). The better these videos have been shot, the better. I am looking for videos that have been shot in good lighting , with good sound, shot with a steady hand. These would be videos that you may use on your EPKs, etc

Include your contact in...formation. This would be the information that someone would use if they wanted to contact you for a possible gig offer.

I will post the vids that I receive on my blog at on

I must be able to embed these on this page. So if they appear on Youtube, etc., cool.

I will continue to do this until I stop receiving them.Contact me here on Facebook, or email me at dking (at) crossharpchronicles (dot) com.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Available Now - Bob Corritore "Harmonica Blues" On Delta Groove Records

[caption id="attachment_3409" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="Bob Corritore--Harmonica Blues"][/caption]


“An incredible harmonica player.”
– Hohner Harmonica’s Easy Reeding Magazine

“Corritore’s taste in studio partners is matched by his musical execution.” – Living Blues Magazine

“…from party-time boogies to melancholy after-hours serenades, Corritore's got the Blues for you.” – Omaha Reader

HARMONICA BLUES celebrates forty years since Bob Corritore first picked up a harp. He maximized his early proximity to the 1970s Chicago Blues scene, befriending and learning from masters Louis Myers, Eddie Taylor, Robert Lockwood, Jr., Little Willie Anderson, Big Leon Brooks, Lester Davenport, Big Smokey Smothers, Little Mack Simmons, and others. Since relocating to Phoenix, Arizona in 1981, Bob has been prolific as a player, producer, radio personality since ‘84, and owner of the renowned Rhythm Room with which he’s been associated for nineteen years now. In 1999 his debut CD ALL-STAR BLUES SESSIONS was issued, an impressive selection of his productions and his own playing. Two years later the anthology RHYTHM ROOM BLUES confirmed his taste and the quality of his associates. Since the release of ALL-STAR BLUES SESSIONS, Bob has built on that illustrious foundation, contributing his authoritative harp to about forty releases, he has partnered with Mississippi native Dave Riley for two highly praised CDs, TRAVELIN’ THE DIRT ROAD and LUCKY TO BE LIVING, and it is now routine to find him on European stages or profiled in Blues magazines worldwide.

Now the hard work, dedication, love and talent through which Bob has built a remarkable life and career in the Blues are brought to bear on HARMONICA BLUES, fifteen diverse but uniformly rewarding tracks featuring his harp and production, and a virtual Who’s Who of traditional Blues recorded between 1989 and 2009. A listen, or just a glance at the credits, makes it clear how well Bob is able to recruit stellar Blues players, then combine and accompany them in ways that bring the best out of the featured artist. Lockwood’s emphatic and only recording of “That’s All Right,” the Blues classic which he reputedly wrote, is a historic and musical highlight. Koko Taylor, Eddie Shaw, Eddy Clearwater, Henry Gray, Pinetop Perkins, Honeyboy Edwards and Little Milton are other leaders with deep Chicago roots, while Eddie Taylor Jr., Bob Stroger, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Chico Chism, Chris James, Patrick Rynn, Bob Riedy and Jon Hiller contribute as sidemen. But HARMONICA BLUES encompasses far more than Bob’s Chicago background, thanks to the likes of Louisiana Red, Dave Riley, Nappy Brown, Big Pete Pearson, Tomcat Courtney, Chief Schiabutte Gilliame and Carol Fran, and accompanists including Bob Margolin, Kid Ramos, Buddy Reed, David Maxwell and others including some Rhythm Room stalwarts.

Bob Corritore has shown over the past four decades that he is about teamwork and that he is seemingly out to help every Blues artist blessed to know him. His own name and career have not been the priority. But HARMONICA BLUES is one more in a growing list of monuments to a legacy which should bring as much pride to Bob, as it does joy to the listener.


Bob Corritore: harmonica

Koko Taylor: vocals

Little Milton: vocals & guitar

Robert Lockwood, Jr.: vocals & guitar

Pinetop Perkins: vocals & piano

Honeyboy Edwards: vocals & guitar

Henry Gray: vocals & piano

Nappy Brown: vocals

Eddy Clearwater: vocals & guitar

Louisiana Red: vocals & guitar

Carol Fran: vocals

Tomcat Courtney: vocals

Dave Riley: vocals & guitar
Big Pete Pearson: vocals

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith: drums

Chief Schabuttie Gilliame: vocals

Eddie Shaw: sax

Bob Margolin: guitar

Kid Ramos: guitar

Chicho Chism: drums

David Maxwell: piano

Bob Stroger: bass

Eddie Taylor, Jr.: guitar

Rhythm Room All-Stars
and many others!!!


08/14/10: Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room - Dave Riley & Bob Corritore Appear as part of a Saturday Night Blues Party hosted by the Rocket 88s.
08/20/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room w/ The Rhythm Room All-Stars
08/21/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room w/ The Rhythm Room All-Stars
09/05/10:Phoenix, Arizona - Rhythm Room -Down Home Blues Festival
09/10/10: Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room w/ Bob Riedy Blues Band feat. Sam Lay
09/16/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room - Dave Riley & Bob Corritore open for Southern Culture On The Skids
09/18/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room, Bob's Birthday Celebration!
09/24/10:Tucson, AZ - Plaza Palomino Courtyard Concert Series - The Rhythm Room All-Stars
09/25/10:Bisbee, AZ - Bisbee Blues Festival with Big Pete Pearson & The Rhythm Room All-Stars
10/01/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room, Harmonica Showcase DVD Filming
10/02/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room, Harmonica Showcase DVD Filming
10/03/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room, Harmonica Showcase DVD Filming
10/09/10:Helena, AR, Delta Cultural Center Annex with Bob Margolin, Bob Stroger, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Calvin Jones as an auxiliary event of the Arkansas Blues & Heritage Festival 12:30 pm set.
10/15/10:Mesa, AZ, Mesa Center For The Arts, Dave Riley & Bob Corritore opening for Eric Bibb
10/22/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room w/ The Rhythm Room All-Stars, Louisiana Red
10/23/10:Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room w/ The Rhythm Room All-Stars, Louisiana Red
10/28/10:Chicago. IL - Buddy Guy's Legends - Dave Riley & Bob Corritore perform as part of the Blues Blast Music Awards ceremony.
11/12/10 - 11/24/10:South American tour of Brazil and Argentena wi/ Dave Riley& Bob Corritore
11/27/10:Tempe. AZ - Tempe Center For The Arts

Spike Hill Presents Corita Thursday, August 2

[caption id="attachment_3415" align="alignleft" width="301" caption="First Annual Southern Monster Smash Music Fest"][/caption]

Southern Monster Smash Music Festival

JJ Grey & Mofro, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio, Hill Country Revue, The Heavy Pets, Crazy Fingers and The Auctioneers

Presale starts: Now

Presale ends: Thu, Aug 5 at 11:59pm
Use Password: flute

Click Here to Purchase PRESALE TICKETS

Public sale start: Fri, Aug 6 at 10am

11:00 AM, Saturday, October 30
Pompano Beach Amphitheater

1801 NE 6 Street

Pompano Beach, FL 33060

It will be “Jamband Heaven” when the “First Annual Southern Monster Smash Music Festival” comes to the Pompano Beach Amphitheater on Saturday, October 30. It’s an all day Festival with doors opening at 11AM.

For the first time in South Florida the “Southern Monster Smash Music Festival” will feature two stages filled with the top stars in jamband circles, all in one venue. The Pompano Beach Amphitheater will come alive with the outstanding talents that include: JJ Grey and Mofro, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Ivan Neville and Dumpstaphunk, The Lee Boys with Oteil and Kofi Burbridge, Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio, Hill Country Revue, The Heavy Pets, The Auctioneers and local favorites Crazy Fingers. If you missed this year’s Wanee Festival (or even if you didn’t) you won’t want to miss the “First Annual Southern Monster Smash Music Festival!”

General Admission tickets are $48.00 in advance and $55.00 at the door day of show. There is also a special VIP ticket for $75.00. They go on sale Friday, August 6, 10AM at or charge by phone and at the Amphitheater Box Office day of show. For more information check out

Spike Hill Presents Corita Thursday, August 2

New York, NY - Corita will play their catchy songs about subjects like wanderlust, boyfriends and alcoholic beverages at Williamsburg's Spike Hill on Thursday, August 26th at 10:00 PM.

Named in homage to silkscreen artists Sister Corita Kent, the Brooklyn-based band is inspired by femme-powered post-punk bands like The Raincoats and Delta 5, 90s indie rock and shoegaze.

For more information about Corita, please visit

Spike Hill - 184 and 186 Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

(718) 218-9737-

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charlie Daniels Band To Release Land That I Love Aug. 10

Legendary Blue Hat Records/E1 Entertainment act, The Charlie Daniels Band, is set to release a new collection of patriotic songs on Aug. 10 titled Land That I Love.

The full-length release, co-produced by Daniels, Patrick Kelly and Casey Wood, features 15 tracks, including newly recorded studio versions of “Iraq Blues” and “(What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks 2010.” “Iraq Blues” was written during previous Charlie Daniels Band tours in Iraq, and the 2010 update of “(What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks 2010” includes an additional verse the iconic musician wrote to “reflect life in America in the 21st

Other songs on the collection include Daniels classics such as “Simple Man,” “This Ain’t No Rag, It’s A Flag,” “In America,” “Still in Saigon” and more. Land That I Love will be available digitally through most major online retailers, including iTunes, and and in select retail stores on Aug. 10. The “Iraq Blues” and “(What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks 2010” singles are both currently available at iTunes and

The Charlie Daniels Band continues their busy tour schedule through the end of 2010, kicking off a run of Sean Hannity Freedom Concert performances on August 6 in Jackson, N.J. For more information and updated CDB tour dates, visit

Land That I Love century.” track listing:

1. My Beautiful America

2. America, I Believe In You

3. American Farmer

4. Let Freedom Ring

5. (What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks 2010

6. This Ain’t No Rag, It’s A Flag

7. Still In Saigon

8. The Last Fallen Hero

9. In America

10. Star Spangled Banner

11. Freedom And Justice For All

12. Iraq Blues

13. Simple Man

14. Red Skelton’s Pledge Of Allegiance

15. Summer Of ‘68

For more information:

Troy ?Trombone Shorty? Andrews Joins Jeff Beck's U.K. Tour

Austin City Limits will air the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist,

with special guest Ivan Neville on October 2

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Performing on Jeff Beck’s U.K. tour is the latest highlight in Trombone Shorty’s milestone year. His career highlights date back to sitting in with Bo Diddley at the ripe age of four, but this year, powered by his Verve Forecast debut, Backatown, is one for the record books for Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews. The CD entered the Contemporary Jazz Album chart at # 1, spending nine weeks there, before the new Herbie Hancock CD finally broke his hold on the top slot.

Whirlwind touring with one highlight after another continues this summer and fall as Trombone Shorty heads to six countries in Europe for his first full fledged tour of the continent highlighted by Festival appearances, headline shows and a coveted slot supporting Jeff Beck's U.K. tour. When asked about the tour, Troy said “It’s an honor to be chosen to support a legendary genius musician like Jeff Beck on his tour.”

Jeff Beck and Trombone Shorty had met before. Beck played the New Orleans Jazz Festival earlier this year. He was told not to miss Trombone Shorty’s sold-out show at Tipitina’s, despite the late 2:30 a.m. start. Shorty’s Tipitina’s show, which also drew celebrity fans Nicolas Cage and Tim Robbins, was a revelation for Beck and his manager, Harvey Goldsmith. When Mr. Beck performed a special birthday tribute to Les Paul at New York’s Iridium in early June, Trombone Shorty was invited to join the band for the night, an opportunity envied by the “invitation only” audience who represented much of the cream of America's musicians including no shortage of guitar heroes.

Their relationship continues in October when Trombone Shorty and his Orleans Avenue band join Jeff Beck on his U.K. tour as part of a six-country tour of Europe. Dates with Jeff Beck are as follows:

Oct. 15 Bournemouth, BIC
Oct. 16 Brighton, Brighton Centre

Oct. 17 Birmingham, Symphony Hall

Oct. 19 Preston, Guildhall

Oct. 20 Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue did two complete knockout shows this past weekend for their Japanese debut at the acclaimed Fuji Rock Festival. In August, the band is off to Brazil for their first shows in Rio and Sao Paolo, followed by European dates for most of the month of October.

They’ll retain a strong U.S. presence as Austin City Limits will air a recently taped appearance on October 23. Ivan Neville joined Orleans Avenue for the taping, which will be packaged for airing on PBS stations with a performance by Alejandro Escovedo.

Trombone Shorty has been criss-crossing the U.S., spreading the music he has dubbed “Supafunkrock” since the release of Backatown. In addition to headlining shows and playing summer festivals across North America, from Bonnaroo to the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl (on consecutive days yet), Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue recently made their late-night TV debut on Late Night With David Letterman, in early June. Of all this touring, Troy commented that “it’s a complete blessing to bring the music from Tremé and share it with the world.”

The band’s song “Hurricane Season” can be heard weekly on MTV’s The Real World, New Orleans as the opening title song. And all this is following close on the heels of Troy’s recurring role as a significant character on HBO’s Emmy-nominated Treme, where he played himself in four episodes.

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The Jimi Hendrix Legacy: AES NY Section Hosts Electric Lady Studios 40th Anniversary Salute

[caption id="attachment_3345" align="aligncenter" width="385" caption="John Storyk (left) and Eddie Kramer in the original Electric Lady Studio entrance."][/caption]

NEW YORK: Jimi Hendrix celebrated the opening of his Electric Lady Recording Studios at 52 West 8th Street in NY's Greenwich Village on August 26, 1970. On Sept. 18th that year the iconic 27-year-old guitarist passed away. In addition to his lasting musical legacy, Hendrix left a studio which continues to this day to produce hits for artists ranging from Dylan, Bowie, Coldplay and The Stones to Patti Smith, U2, Sheryl Crow, The Strokes, Jay-Z and Beyonce.

On August 24th the NY Section of the Audio Engineering Society will host a 40th Anniversary Salute to Electric Lady and the Hendrix legacy. The panel will include: Jimi's sister, Janie Hendrix, CEO/President, Experience Hendrix; Eddie Kramer, engineer of all Hendrix's recording sessions; studio architect/acoustician John Storyk who began his career with Electric Lady, and who's international Walters-Storyk Design Group has created over 3,000 studios around the globe; long time Electric Lady engineer Tony Platt (AC/DC, Foreigner), and Grammy-winning engineer Bob Margouleff (Stevie Wonder) Other guests, TBA, will include artists who have recorded at Electric Lady throughout its 40-year history.

AES New York Section Committee Member David Bialik reports, "Our goal for this dual event is to honor one of the longest-lived studios in NYC's history. And, to pay tribute to the indelible mark its founder has left on contemporary music.

"While admission is limited to 60 attendees, CBS will provide streaming of the event via the AES Website as artists, engineer/producers and studio designer reminisce about Hendrix and his studios' amazing history," Bialik concludes.

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The Audio Engineering Society was formed in 1948 by a group of concerned audio engineers. The AES counts over 14,000 members throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Far East. The organization serves as the pivotal force in the exchange and dissemination of technical information for the industry. For additional information visit

Ponderosa Stomp Announces Roy Loney and Cyril Jordan of the Flamin? Groovies, the A-Bones & the Jim Jones Revue at One Eyed Jacks on Sunday, September 26th

With a two day festival, film festival and music history conference, you’d assume the music fanatics at the Ponderosa Stomp would be done. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth; the appetite for killer music is unquenchable. The Stomp announces a special show to follow the festival at One Eyed Jacks on Sunday, August 26th with Roy Loney and Cyril Jordan of the Flamin’ Groovies, the A-Bones and the Jim Jones Revue.

In 2009, the annual Ponderosa Stomp festival reunited Roy Loney and Cyril Jordan for their first official show since 1972. The crowd went ballistic! Bringing singer/songwriter Roy Loney and guitarist Cyril Jordan back this year was a no brainer. They’ll be joined by their friends in the A-Bones for a set of the unhinged rock n’ roll. Jim Jones Revue (former front man of Thee Hypnotics) will play supercharged rock that sounds like a collision between Little Richard and the MC5.

Starting out in San Francisco in 1965, the Flamin Groovies always defied the status quo, doing things their own way and inspiring other bands to do the same. The band personified the defiance that inspired punk rock, but never turned their backs on the roots of their sound in American music from the 50s and Brit-pop in the 60s. Even after several decades roll by, the chemistry between Loney and Jordan is as compelling as ever. Roy Loney has the energy of ten teenagers and Cyril Jordan’s much imitated guitarwork is timeless and exciting.

The A-Bones are led by Billy Miller and Miriam Linna, the brains behind Norton Records and the killer zine Kicks. They’ve lent their talents to an array of unsung heroes, from Hasil Adkins to Cordell Jackson while recording their own albums and a slew of singles. The A-Bones play like their lives depend on it, with a primal instinct for groove-laden rock and passion for their idols.

The Jim Jones Revue strip rock back to its essential elements – Jones handles guitar and vocals and brings new life to primordial blues/punk. His reverence for the hard-edged sounds of Detroit, Memphis and New Orleans is obvious, but the ferocity with which the Revue performs makes rock dangerous again.

Ponderosa Stomp presents Roy Loney and Cyril Jordan of The Flamin' Groovies
with The A-Bones plus Jim Jones Revue

Sunday, Sep 26, 2010 9:00 PM CDT

One Eyed Jacks - 615 Toulouse Street

18 years and over – Tickets $25.00

To purchase tickets visit:

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Four Never-Before-Released Live Albums By Jefferson Airplane to Be Released October 26 on Collectors? Choice Music Live

Four live albums include original vocalist Signe Anderson’s farewell show
and Grace Slick’s first show, both at the Fillmore in 1966

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The argument rages on, but for many music fans in the ’60s, the best live band from the Bay Area was Jefferson Airplane. Formed during the summer of 1965 in San Francisco, the group triumphed in 1967 with Surrealistic Pillow, one of the key recordings of the Summer of Love, containing the hits “Somebody to Love,” “White Rabbit” and “Today.” The Airplane featured three master instrumentalists (Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady and Spencer Dryden) and three vocalists: Grace Slick (replacing original singer Signe Anderson in 1966), Marty Balin and Paul Kantner. The Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees made a total of eight studio albums and released a smattering of live albums including 1969’s Bless Its Pointed Little Head.

But what most fans don’t know is that there are vast reserves of never-released live material by Jefferson Airplane capturing key moments in their history. On October 26, 2010, Collectors’ Choice Music Live will release four previously unreleased live albums: Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66 Late Show — Signe’s Farewell, Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 10/16/66 Early & Late Shows — Grace’s Debut, Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 11/25/66 & 11/27/66 — We Have Ignition, and Return to the Matrix 2/1/68.

The first three releases document the astonishing growth of the band, and follow the near-seamless absorption of Grace Slick’s voice and material into the Airplane’s sound just as they were entering the studio to record Surrealistic Pillow. The fourth release captures the group triumphantly returning to their home turf at Marty Balin’s club The Matrix for a relaxed, exploratory set in an intimate setting, performing material from their first four albums, including Crown of Creation, seven months before its release. Taken together, the four releases confirm that at its best, when Jorma was soaring, Jack rumbling and the three voices joining in ecstatic melisma, no other band could ascend to the heights attained by the Airplane. Hand-picked by a team of devotees, annotated by frequent Airplane flyer Craig Fenton (author of the book Take Me To A Circus Tent: The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual), and featuring rare photos inside handsome digi-packs, these concerts distill and express the dream and promise of the Haight-Ashbury scene.

• Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66 Late Show — Signe’s Farewell: The Grace Slick era of the Airplane has understandably received most of the attention paid the band over the years. But they had released a good album (Jefferson Airplane Takes Off) and were already a powerful live outfit before Slick came aboard. The 10/15/66 release not only marks the first appearance on CD of a live recording featuring Signe Anderson with the band, but also her very last show. Both Marty Balin and the Fillmore’s Bill Graham give her shout-outs. Songs include “3/5ths of a Mile in Ten Seconds,” “Tobacco Road,” “Midnight Hour,” “High Flyin’ Bird” and “Chauffeur Blues” (which Grace never performed out of respect for Signe, who’d made the old blues tune her own). It was the end of an era. But a new one was about to begin the very next day, and is the subject of the 10/16/66 release.

• Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 10/16/66 Early & Late Shows — Grace’s Debut: The 10/16/66 volume chronicles the first set of concerts featuring Grace Slick as a member of the Airplane, a mere day after Signe Anderson officially left the band. The band has yet to add the material Slick brought to the band (“Somebody To Love” and “White Rabbit) to the set list, but Grace’s harmony work with Marty and Paul is impressive, and you can literally hear her confidence growing from the first set to the second. The album contains “The Other Side of This Life,” “Let Me In,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Run Around” and “High Flying Bird,” plus versions of “3/5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds” and “Tobacco Road” with the new line-up, and Leiber & Stoller’s “Kansas City,” which has never appeared on any Airplane studio or live album. Surrealistic Pillow photographer Herbie Greene contributes photos. Things would never be the same for the band or for ’60s rock.

• Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 11/25/66 & 11/27/66 — We Have Ignition: CCM Live subtitled these shows We Have Ignition as they believe this is when the Airplane transformed from a high-flying bird into a psychedelic spaceship (but not yet a Starship.) It’s difficult to believe, when comparing these November shows with Grace’s live debut on 10/16/66, that only six weeks have elapsed. Not only has the band (particularly guitarist Jorma Kaukonen) progressed as musicians, but the infusion of Surrealistic Pillow material some four months before the album hit the stores shifts the focus of this folk-rock band to rock. Included are “Plastic Fantastic Lover,” “High Flyin’ Bird,” “Bringing Me Down,” “ D.C.B.A-25,” “My Best Friend,” “Go to Her,” “She Has Funny Cars,” “3/5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds,” “Skip Spence’s “J.P.P. McStep B Blues,” “White Rabbit,” “Today” and more. Two rarities are a mind blowing, 9:45-minute version of “The Other Side of Life” (performed for a photo session) that neither its author, the folk singer-songwriter Fred Neil, nor the band could ever have anticipated, and the only known recording of an instrumental known in some quarters as “My Grandfather’s Clock.” This is the Airplane at its early apex.

• Return to the Matrix 2/1/68: The Airplane returned to the first club they ever played, the Matrix, in 1968 for a 103-minute show at the height of their commercial prowess. They band premiered two songs from the Crown of Creation album (which was months away from being released): “Share a Little Joke” and an instrumental version of “Ice Cream Phoenix.” They also performed “Blues From an Airplane,” a song from its first (pre-Slick) album. Also here: “Somebody to Love,” “Young Girl Sunday Blues,” “She Has Funny Cars,” “Two Heads,” “Martha,” “Kansas City,” “Other Side of this Life,” “Today,” “Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon,” “It’s No Secret,” “Watch Her Ride,” “Plastic Fantastic Lover,” “Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil,” “White Rabbit,” “Fat Angel” and “3/5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds.”

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